Digital Marketing Certification Course Vs MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing

Which one is for you MBA in Digital Marketing or A Digital Marketing Certification Course


With internet-based technologies on the rise for the last two decades, there has been a huge shift of new marketing policies being employed by businesses across the globe. Termed as ‘Digital Marketing’ on a broader scale and has now emerged as an industry itself. Many youngsters and professionals are now looking to make a sophisticated career via MBA in Digital Marketing with almost every business using them to promote their products and services.


The learning curve for Digital Marketing is quite intricate as the industry is still growing with huge potential and the highest qualitative standards. Various professional courses are being taught with practical standards keeping in view the long term benefits of promotion. Many top colleges and universities have also started a Masters degree in digital marketing or MBA in Digital Marketing with a more theoretical approach. With this blog, we will be highlighting the importance of taking a Digital Marketing course overdoing an MBA in Digital marketing.


Let us start with some facts about this discussion of Internet Marketing course & MBA in Online marketing


The following diagram shows a calculative path of how search patterns have improved for keywords in comparison to the Digital Marketing course Vs MBA in Digital Marketing for the last five years in India.



Mba stats


Though the keyword ‘MBA in Digital Marketing’ has remained on the same path whereas Digital Marketing course for India in the last 5 years has gradually improved to its peak values.


Why Certification Matters?

Scope of Digital Marketing Vs MBA

Career Prospects for Digital Marketing Certification

How PIMS Noida is helping New age professionals?




Digital Marketing is one of the trending industries in 2021 that emerged out of the internet revolution in the last two decades. With all the brick-and-mortar stores now aiming to go online, there was a huge gap of Digital Marketing professionals who can carry this swift change in momentum. And soon businessmen and owners started asking for individuals who can generate a lead for their businesses using online activities.


It started with Search Engine Optimization(SEO), then email marketing, paid marketing, and soon the whole electronic world was engulfed together to form Digital Marketing. Any activity we do to promote a website, product, or services on the electronic platform whether it be a laptop, desktop, smartphone, TV, tabs, or any other device comes under the broad definition of Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing Certification/Course Requirements


For Pursuing a Digital marketing Course or Certification Online/ offline you don’t need any education background. If you looking to start an online marketing course after 10th and 12th classes as a student then you can start this course. Then grow with their experience and choose best digital marketing institute in India with online classes and pursue your studies side by side. This way you can start earning in their early twenties and have a long stable professional career starting from the mid-twenties.

These courses start with the aim of giving students professional skills from the beginning. Online marketing syllabus or curriculum is customized to teach the basics of Digital Marketing from scratch to an advanced level. The Aim & focus are more on the practical learning, skills that will help in your job profile, and a plethora of employment opportunities that are the unique features of this Digital Marketing course.


Masters in Digital Marketing/ MBA in Online marketing Requirements


All the previous education skills are required with complete graduation, schooling, and other activities. It will take its time with a minimum of 1 to 2 years along with high university fees and regular classes. You will be studying until the mid-twenties and then will start a career with minimum opportunities.


Education courses in India are more based on a theoretical approach. Keeping students away from the professional skills required in today’s modern world. Basic concepts are taught with little or no practical learning environment. Campus placements for Digital Marketing are scarce or even heard of businesses are looking for expert professionals to boost their performance right away.

List of Digital Marketing MBA colleges in India

  1. RVS Institute of Management, Sulur, Tamil Nadu
  2. Suryadatta Institute of Business Management, Pune
  3. Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  4. Integral University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Centurion University of Technology, Bhubaneswar


Why Certification Matters?

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There are many free digital marketing courses available online. So why one should take Digital Marketing Certification over other free online Digital Programs?


In this commercial world, nothing seems to be free. So assuming these courses offer you limited know-how for free but the practical learning environment will always be lacking. You won’t be able to discuss things in general with anyone as no experts are there to offer you detailed information. There are already hundreds of books for each subject present on the internet still what matters with these certifications is organized structure. Institutes follow a guided curriculum that offers you the best chances for making a sophisticated career.


  • Detailed step by step study of each section
  • More focus on practical learning with live campaigns, tools, and analyses
  • Tracking performance of every student with weekly test & mock questioning
  • Face to face interview preparations will evaluate a student’s ability to answer in pressure situations.
  • Placement and employment opportunities for making the right start in their professional career.


How Digital Marketing Course is better than MBA in Digital Marketing?

With the exceptional rise of Digital Marketing in the last decade, many top institutions started MBA course in this subject. But even these elite institutes could only offer a small glimpse of practical experience that was required to manage the workload of today’s business demand. The theoretical approach was still in its early stage as the industry is still growing and expanding more practical and industry know-how is a must.


Business owners just can’t depend on theoretical students to take charge of their commercial sales activities. They need leaders, clients, sale and orders to keep their business running profitably in every aspect. More practical and professional skills are the need of today that are covered at large in these short term certification courses.


Scope of Digital Marketing Certification

With a sophisticated course in Digital Marketing, you can choose the path of numerous specialization depending on your preference and skill acquisition. Here are the main certification closely associated with the Digital Marketing course.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification
  • These include all the basic arrangements for preparing sites for online submission to various Search engines, methodologies, customizations and white hat strategies applied to grow the site presence on the internet. Top Search Engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and others offer their platform. Websites configurations are applied in these platforms like Search Console in Google for better positions on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). On-page and off-page skills are the foremost skills one should understand thoroughly to become an SEO specialist. They should be a keen observer and update their knowledge on Search Engine algorithms too.


  • Social Media Marketing Certification (SMM)

With millions of users having Social media profiles, it has now become one of the important aspects of Digital Marketing. Writing engaging posts and eye-catching content attracts users to visit these sites. New and unique content gets a lot of share and likes from all users. You can easily take a Social media profile as your career path for the future. Crafting posts regularly, keeping users connected with the product and services, building smart strategies and executing them to gain business profit are the main core learning skills for Social media marketing.

  • Search Engine Marketing/PPC/SEM Certification

Paid promotion using a Search engine is now one of the best ways to generate traffic, promote new brands and gain leads for businesses these days. As an SEM Professional, you must understand the product and services of the business to write attractive content in campaigns, build marketing strategies, analyze keywords, check competition and track the performance with a conversion. Earlier called as Pay Per Click(PPC) and Google Adwords is now termed as Google Ads only, is a comprehensive platform from the parent company Google only. Similarly, all major search engines allow paid clicks from their searches.


  • Email Marketing Certification

Emails are still one of the most proficient ways to connect businesses with users. You might have noticed sales, discount, offer and regular mail letter from top companies. Most of the top global companies have a special position for this job and even small or medium scale companies use Emails to connect with their users regularly.


  • Content Marketing Certification

Today the world has moved from promoting images and graphic to marketing through content. Blogs, articles, newsletters, and videos are also used to give users more information on products & services. Highly engaging content with catchy headlines is now used to attract more click from users. The content market is another job profile that has emerged with the revolution of Digital Marketing.

Numerous profiles are often associated with Digital Marketing such as Web Analytics, SEO Webmaster, Inbound marketing, Link builder, Off-page expert, E-commerce marketing, and many more. Even when you apply for top jobs in MNC or corporate sectors these certificates will add into your educational background.


Career Prospects for Digital Marketing Certification

With the right skills and experience, there are a lot of opportunities available in this filed. Here are the main career prospects for individuals to aim for.


  • Digital Marketing Manager/Supervisors

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One of the topmost position for Digital Marketing professionals in this field. Roles and responsibilities include leading the team, working on strategies, implementation of each step precisely, performance tracking and reporting to president or owners. As the field is still growing they must possess a learning attitude, accept positive and negative criticism, handle the situation, and have problem-solving skills to carry forward the projects to achieve its goals.


  • SEO Specialist

search engine optimization 4111000 1280

SEO experts mainly deal with organic traffic i.e, users coming from keywords from search engines. Abilities and skills required for this position include an understanding of White Hat Strategies, Keywords Search, Preparing and checking reports, on-page customizations, tracking performance on Google Analytics and boosting the online presence on major search engines i.e, Google, Bing, etc.


  • Social Media Marketing Experts

social media 763731 1280

Most of businesses use social media to promote their products and services. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc offer advanced targeting techniques to explore users with similar interests. The main role include is to build effective strategies, maintain user engagement, run paid campaigns on these social media handles, track conversion and performance to achieve the goals of the projects.


  • SEM/PPC Specialist

pay per click 4297726 1280

As a PPC/ SEM expert, one of the main requirements is to generate leads for businesses using an online paid promotion on search engines. This requires one to have profound knowledge of Keyword Research, building and running campaigns, bid management, tracking conversion and performance of the projects. Knowledge of Advertising platforms with Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc with numerous configurations is must to be an SEM/PPC specialist.


  • Content Marketing Manager

content marketing 4111003 1280

Content Marketing is a step above from the traditional form of marketing. Rather than promoting products and services directly, it’s the indirect promotion of blogs, articles, email notification and other means to attract traffic from multiple resources. Content Marketing professionals must be aware of all means of promoting content online. Publishing e-books, Press releases, email communication, Guest blogging along with paid campaigns to run advertising platforms.



How PIMS Noida is helping New Age Professionals?

Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy (PIMS) is one of the premium learning centers for Digital Marketing Training. Full of vibrant and exceptional trainers institute has gained a reputation for transforming young amateurs into professionals with impeccable skills. All our trainers and experts use their experience to give new students a fresh breadth of the learning experience with morale-boosting confidence to achieve extraordinary in their career.

At PIMS, there are 36 modules in Digital Marketing course that covers all fundamentals from beginners to advance level preparation.



With this article, we can sum up that although both Digital Marketing Certification and MBA in Digital Marketing takes the same path building a career in this trending industry. Still, MBA in Digital Marketing will take more resources in terms of duration and finances whereas these Digital Marketing certification courses are more precise, take a more practical approach, and offers comprehensive industry guidance to make a bright career with Digital Marketing.





A FAQ’s on Digital Marketing Course

Does Certification matters in Digital marketing?

Yes, a Digital Marketing Certification gives you a professional education in this field. Anyone can use this certification to apply for a job in this field by completing a course. When you apply for corporate or MNC job positions, these certificates have a lot of value that signifies your learning curve in this field.

What is better MBA in Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing Course?

The main aim of Digital Marketing is to promote a website and generate leads for businesses. A certified course in Digital Marketing is short, more precise and job oriented while MBA/Masters in Digital Marketing focuses on the theoretical part of learning. So I would recommend taking the Digital Marketing Course to give the right opportunity for my career options in the future.

Is Digital Marketing certificate enough to start my professional career in IT?

Yes, a professional course in Digital Marketing will allow you to take apply for any job profile including SEO, SMM, SEM, Email marketing, Content marketing, E-Commerce marketing, lead generation, web analytics, ads performance and many more.

How Digital Marketing Course can enhance your career?

Digital Marketing is one of the trending industry that emerged out in the last decade to match the needs of online promotion and lead generation. The industry is still evolving with new methodologies and technologies attracting new millennia towards its revolution.

What is the scope of employment after Digital Marketing Course?

There are many scopes of employment after Digital Marketing Course as it incorporated certification for multiple skills

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM) Certification
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/PPC/Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification

What are the important features of Digital Marketing Course?

A complete Digital Marketing Course can prepare you for multiple possibilities, scope and employment opportunities in this field. At PIMS Noida course consists of 36 modules that cover all the concepts from beginners to advanced level preparations. Main features of this Digital Marketing course at PIMS are:

  • Basics of computer
  • Concepts of Web Hosting
  • SEO friendly Website planning
  • SEO – Onpage & Offpage
  • Advanced SEO Knowledge
  • Google Ads – Search, Display, Shopping, Universal,
  • Remarketing and Google Alternatives
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Influence Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Entrepreneurship
  • Interview Preparations

PIMS Noida is also connected with top companies for interviews and job placements across NCR for keeping students future secure.






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