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Upgrade your skills in a corporate data science training program to achieve a successful job. Mastering in the data science field helps you understand the core concept of technology framework and the ability to analyze big data. We have designed this course program by keeping the current demand for data science courses in the workplaces.

In this course, you’ll learn about the programming and developmental framework used to process the huge amount of data within the distributed computing environment. By learning the course program, you can become an expert in the implementation and algorithm used in the data distributed computing environment.

PIMS Corporate Data Science Training Program

Data science has a broad scope all over the world. By gaining the subject knowledge, you will acknowledge the three main pillars of the data science programs, providing information about data management, analytics ecosystems, data science, and visualization.

The course program of data science will hone your key skills which offer significant benefits, which are as follows:

  • Gain the ability to understand the process of big data management. It will cover the process of the voluminous amount of data structuring.
  • Companies are adopting big data science programs to manage their massive data. This will cover the distributed file system storage process, MapReduce programming, and processes.
  • By learning the course program, learners will be able to work in multiple data science fields and other things.
  • Learners will learn about the data science algorithm, which is helpful to create better insight into the field. It will be done by using different programming languages such as Python and R, which use huge libraries to analyze data statistics. This is crucial for designing custom models for data analysis.
  • You will gain the concepts of advanced machine learning
  • When you develop the data insight, it is crucial for bringing better visualization and insight into reporting
  • The course program will elevate the broad concepts of data science and develop skills necessary for improving job opportunities.

Course Module of Corporate Data Science Course

PIMS always focuses on a data science course with advanced learning so that learners will gain knowledge about advanced level skills and have reputable jobs.

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1. Python for Data Science

In the course program, you'll learn how to combine data and clean the data. . Individuals will also learn about visualization and statistics concepts.


2. Python Machine Learning

This will focus on algorithm study that can allow you to learn the skills in great demand independently. By learning these concepts, you will be able to gain a high-scale job.

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3. SQL Bootcamp

In this Bootcamp course, individuals will learn about foundational concepts, including basic queries, data types, and advanced topics such as joining and aggregating.


4. Python For Automation

You will learn about Python to extract the data from the websites. In addition to this, you can learn about how to write the loops that help to process a large number of pages with the web scraping code.

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5. Data Science

Now as you become familiar with the data scientist's entire program, including automation, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Analyze data, and Matplotli, This program will make you an expert in the data science field and help you achieve successful jobs in data science companies and the IT sectors.

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Why Choose Us

For decades, PIMS has been creating advanced-level corporate data science training program for learners looking forward to polishing their skills and concepts to achieve successful jobs. We have an extensive team of experienced data science experts who deliver data science training with a comprehensive approach.

We deliver the course program in offline and online modes, and the course can be customized to meet the learners’ current needs. In addition to this, students get various benefits of having PIMS programs which are as follows:

  • Custom training curriculum with a free consultation and help. We have designed an industry-specific course which helps you achieve a successful job
  • Comprehensive support material and interactive learning support
  • We also provide live training videos which allow you to understand the current work environment
  • We have industrial leading professionals who have real-world experience and teaching abilities. They will help in understanding the core concepts of data science.
  • Flexible scheduling program so that learners can easily join the classes and learn the course programs
  • The study material is available in downloading format, which helps learn the skills even in offline modes.

The course work is excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners who want to improve their skills and upgrade their jobs

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. Yes, the data science program is excellent for career purposes. The data science field is booming worldwide, which opens various channels for career-wondering aspirants who want to achieve new skills. This covers various programs and machine learning concepts which help get an excellent job in the data science fields

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Since data science training involves the technologies and advancements in machine learning, it can be challenging to learn. However, if you are already involved in computer science programs, it would be easier for you to achieve the course training and gain a successful job.

Data science is amongst the three most stressful jobs in the career field. Moreover, there is a massive demand for data entrepreneurs and analyzers in current times. It requires expert skills and knowledge of the data processed. This is why data science experts receive high salary packages

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