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Get advanced training with Digital marketing course in Noida with 40+ learning modules under the most-experienced faculties.  

Major Reasons to Enroll for Digital Marketing Course In Noida

Major Reasons to Enroll for Digital Marketing Course In Noida

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Quality Learning with the best digital marketing training institute in Noida

PIMS – Professional Institute of Marketing Strategy, Noida is the top choice for digital marketing courses in Noida. We have been in the field of teaching students and professionals digital marketing skills for many years. Our team has provided quality guidance to students who had zero ideas about the world of digital marketing. We have also brought the best skill-enhancement modules for professionals who wanted to uplift their careers to the next level. From base level to the finest skills in internet marketing, we cover it all. Over so many years, 

best digital marketing training institute in Noida

We have taught over 11,000 + students and successfully completed 215+ batches. Basic level learning or high-level skill upgradation, our faculties are well-aware of the requirements of the students. With the best digital marketing certification course in Noida by PIMS, you can obtain in-depth knowledge about – Social media marketingSearch engine optimization, Google Ads,  Social media optimization, Email marketing, Lead generation, YouTube marketing and many more. With 40 learning modules on every essential aspect of internet marketing, we leave no stone unturned to ensure you a bright future in the field of digital marketing. We never promote our certification courses as something you can mug up and thus bring you a practical learning approach. Live projects alongside active learning enhances your practical expertise in every way. You obtain a certificate that helps you gain confidence in your career.

Understand the Digital marketing advanced concepts under skilled-faculty members

We bring you a Complete digital marketing training in Noida that helps you build the career of your dreams! Get hands-on learning experience with live projects and experienced mentors in ths field. 

Why Choose PIMS For Digital Marketing Training In Noida?

Why Choose PIMS For Digital Marketing Training In Noida

PIMS best digital marketing institute in Noida brings you quality learning under affordable packages. We offer you Digital marketing certification through our basic and advanced Digital Marketing Training Program in Noida. Our Institute offers distinct learning courses for students who have passed their 10th and 12th class. There are also high-level learning modules and certification programs for college pass-outs and working professionals. A diploma from our institute helps you appear for interviews with the leading companies. You can apply for the top-paying jobs in internet marketing at the leading MNCs in India, the USA, Canada, etc.

Our customizable courses timings ensure ease of learning for working students who enroll for skill enhancement. We have a full-time faculty always available for students throughout the course duration. Obtain quality guidance from mentors who had been working in the field of internet marketing for years. Hands-on training and cent per cent placement assistance from our side will make you confident about the skills that you learn from us. Make optimal use of the diploma and certification you obtain from our digital marketing training Institute in Noida. Learn all the marketing skills through practical training and gain an in-depth knowledge of the field to shine in your career. 

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum - 40 Modules

PIMS institute trained students from Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram and other areas of Noida. Our students gets mentorship from industry experts for the best guidance. Our mentors for the course and certification program have worked in the industry for years as company professionals. The faculty that will teach you carries the experience of both worlds of corporate operations and learning requirements. Get the best practical Digital marketing training in Noida from the team of internet marketers. Get 40 modules in the digital marketing course that covers all the essential aspects – 

Introduction to Digital Marketing –Understand the basics of Digital marketing alongside the technicalities of B2B and B2C marketing, lead generation, page traffic engagement, etc.

Internet Module (Back to School) – Basics of internet and its functions, differences between Internet and intranet. Understand the overall concept of IP, LAN, WAN, Firewall, etc.

General Overview of Web Concept & Hosting – Fundamental concepts like www, domain, HTTP and HTTPS, that are essential for websites. Detailed learning for hosting, server types, cloud and CDN concept, etc.

Website Planning & Creation – Covers everything from blueprint creation of a website to choosing a hosting platform. Learn WordPress website creation, domain name selection, WordPress customization.

Search Engine Optimization – A learning module for covering fundamentals of SEO, SERP and its importance, SEO vs SEM, SERP rank, etc.

On-Page SEO – Detailed learning and practical training for URL structuring, Meta titles, descriptions, heading tags, keyword-based content writing, etc. Practical training for site tracking tools like Google Webmaster Tool, and Google Analytics Tool.

Off-Page SEO – Learning module for understanding all about Backlinks and the best practices for increasing page rank. Learn about PA, DA and Off Page activities like, article writing, forum posting, Social bookmarking, Classified, etc.

Advance SEO Knowledge – An up-to-date curriculum with Algorithm updates, SEO changes. Cover topics like – Google panda algo, RankBrain update, Blackhat SEO, core web vitals, etc.

Local SEO – Detailed learning for keyword planning, grouping, content review, etc. Practical training for establishing addresses, local citation, yellow pages, etc.

Bing Webmaster – Practical learning module for site configuration, media RSS video feed specification, deep links, XML sitemap plugin, etc.

Google AdWords – A comprehensive learning module that cover everything about Google AdWords and optimization.

Google Tag Manager – Fundamental learning for GTM installation in website and other concepts. Practical training for connecting google analytics, google ads conversion tracking tag, remarketing tag, etc. to the website with GTM.

Google AdWords Alternatives – Detailed overview for Bing, Yahoo PPC, comparison between AdWords and Bing PPC , etc. Get certification for AdWords by learning in-depth.

Tracking Performance and Measurement with Google Analytics – Covers concepts like Google analytics and its functioning, report analysis, actionable insights, etc. Hands-on training on tools.

Social Media Marketing – Covers all kinds of SMM planning, management, hands-on training on tools and profile creation, performance measurement , reporting and key metrics.

Facebook Marketing – In-depth learning for different types of Facebook ads, page creation, increasing likes, page engagement, metrics, etc. 

Instagram Marketing – A complete learning module for Instagram ads, marketing, profile theme, analysis, viral content, hashtag research, key metrics, business account and creator account, etc.

LinkedIn Marketing – Learn about personal and professional B2B and B2C LinkedIn marketing, ad running, business growth, content publishing, etc.

Twitter Marketing – Compact learning consisting topics like microblogging, follower hike, hashtag campaigns, marketing tools and training, etc.

Pinterest Marketing – Learn the fundamentals of Pinterest, its function, follower reach and hike, content promotion, Pinterest Analytics, etc.

Quora Marketing – In-depth learning module for Quora and content marketing, question management, Quora Ads, Quora space,etc.

Podcast – Understand all about the different types of Podcasts, platforms for podcast linking and much more.

Graphic Designing (CANVA) – Hands-on training for post designs, text fonts, color contrasting, YouTube thumbnails, image processing tools, etc.

YouTube Marketing – Covers everything related to YouTube account management, video optimization, in-stream and bumper ads, YouTube analytics, hands-on training on YouTube marketing tools and many more.


What is E-mail marketing – A learning module for covering fundamentals of SEO, SERP and its importance, SEO vs SEM, SERP rank, etc.

Opt-in & double opt-in database – Detailed learning and practical training for URL structuring, Meta titles, descriptions, heading tags, keyword-based content writing, etc. Practical training for site tracking tools like Google Webmaster Tool, and Google Analytics Tool.

Subscriber database – Learning module for understanding all about Backlinks and the best practices for increasing page rank. Learn about PA, DA and Off Page activities like, article writing, forum posting, Social bookmarking, Classified, etc.

Email Marketing software – An up-to-date curriculum with Algorithm updates, SEO changes. Cover topics like – Google panda algo, RankBrain update, Blackhat SEO, core web vitals, etc.

E-mail marketing Online Tools – Detailed learning for keyword planning, grouping, content review, etc. Practical training for establishing addresses, local citation, yellow pages, etc.

Bulk Email service provider – Practical learning module for site configuration, media RSS video feed specification, deep links, XML sitemap plugin, etc.

Online Reputation Management – In-depth learning module for ORM and its importance, negative review management, controlling digital reputation, etc.

Affiliate Marketing – Learn to make money from affiliate marketing and networks. Hands-on training with live projects and examples of affiliate marketing.

Become an online Seller – Understand the correct ways to select the best product, pricing, marketplace selection, and much more with the comprehensive learning module.

Entrepreneurship with Google AdSense(Blogging) – The learning module covers all about AdSense programs and its features to build a network with different AdSense websites.

Freelancing – Guided learning for freelancing and project selection. Understand the best ways to work as a freelancer and earn online with quality learning.

Internet Entrepreneurship – Covers everything from online business registration to tax regulations. Learn the best ways to get funding for your online business.

Learn Corporate Culture – A training to learn the fundamental etiquettes for a corporate job. Learn the hierarchy and other corporate aspects to make the best first impression.

Interview Preparation – Learn through mock interviews and practical training for answering the questions confidently at job interviews.

Ecommerce Marketing – Covers every essential aspect about Ecommerce and driving traffic to the portals. Learn SEO strategy for Ecommerce marketing in this module.

Mobile Marketing – Learn all about mobile marketing and its importance with hands-on training for mobile app tools. Cover concepts like mobile app search, SMS marketing, TRAI regulations, etc.

Content Marketing – Learn the A-Z of content creation for SEO performance. Get practical training on SEO-tools for content writing, content spin for websites and online promotional techniques.

Growth Hacking – Learning module consisting the essential concepts of growth hacking, story-telling technique for growth hacking, calculation of per-user LTV, etc.

Influencer Marketing – Understand all about influencer marketing, digital branding with influencers, social media influencer selection and management through case studies.

Lead Generation – Learning module for cold, warm and hot leads, web pages, A/B testing tools, etc. Learn ways for lead conversion into sales.

Online Advertising – All about banners, contextual ads, pop-up ads, and tools to create them. Hands-on learning for ROI measurement of online ads.

Download The Digital Marketing Course Brochure for more information.

Who can join the PIMS Institute for Digital Marketing course in Noida

Any student who has passed out from their school, college, or university can join our institute. Our courses and training programs from Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, and other areas of Noida are extremely extensive and diverse. We cover different levels of understanding of internet marketing and its tools. Any individual, IT professional, business owner, entrepreneur or housewife can connect to us for joining the Digital marketing certification course in Noida. We do not have any eligibility criteria or regulations, so you do not get restricted to learning specific courses. Choose the course and certification program you want. Grab your opportunity to become a highly-skilled digital marketer by receiving quality training. With our training and learning modules, you can establish a career in the following fields – 

  • Secure a corporate job as a senior digital marketing executive at the leading MNCs
  • Land an entry-level job at startups and corporates to grow your career in the field of internet marketing.
  • Master the skills of SEO, SMM, SMO, etc. to lead a team of professional digital marketers.
  • Enhance your business or startup with the digital marketing skills you learn from PIMS


PIMS Institute offers you an extensively designed Digital marketing course in Noida with authentic certifications that make you well-equipped to face interviews. We bring you the most affordable digital marketing course fees in Noida without compromising on the quality of training. With the course certificates, you can obtain an in-depth understanding of how online promotions work. Understand the search engine algorithms, keyword significance, content marketing, and google ad strategies by accessing our handcrafted courses. The courses are the perfect blend of theoretical learning and practical skill training. After completing the course, you can obtain your certificate to produce it at interviews in the leading companies. 

  • Google Ads mobile certification
  • Google shopping certification
  • Google Ads video certification
  • Digital sales certification
  • Google individual certification
  • Search engine optimization certification
  • Social Media Certificatio

Why Should You Choose PIMS Digital Marketing Certification Course in Noida?

Digital marketing has gained immense popularity in the last decade. The internet boom and the gradual economic shift of businesses into digital platforms have made it possible. Marketing across multiple digital platforms has become essential for all industries. All businesses, organizations and services are looking for effective ways to incorporate the best internet marketing practices. It means that the necessity and demand for internet marketers are growing rapidly. It is your chance to seize the golden career offer and make it big in the coming years with hands-on knowledge and skills. 

A bright career 

Digital marketing is a bright career choice for graduates. You can get an entry-level job of digital marketing internship in Noida or executive at companies to grow your career prospects. A certification course will help you find the best chances to explore your career options. Get a job that assures a bright future by investing in the right certification program after school, college or university. Begin your career with the best step and knowledge base that will assist you lifelong

Upgrade the skills 

If you are already a working professional and want to grow your career in the internet marketing field, you must take up the courses. The certification courses bring you the best knowledge base and the essential skills that can help in the practical job requirements. You do not have to learn multiple skills by enrolling in different courses. The Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program in Noida from PIMS Institute is sufficient to help you achieve your professional dreams. 

PIMS Institute – Helping You Understand the Uses of Online Marketing

Even in this digital age, many are unaware of the uses and applications of digital marketing. Those who are not associated with the field, often fail to understand the significance of the promotional techniques. With new-age digital marketing tools and social platforms, all businesses can perform optimally to earn online visibility. Not only SEO, but at PIMS learning programs, you can get the necessary training to handle the requirements of SMM, SMO, PPC, etc. Lead generation and visibility enhancement are the most crucial aspects of online advertising. 

  • Content improvement and marketing – Content plays a vital role in digital marketing. With our Digital marketing course in Noida, get a detailed understanding of how content can be used in digital marketing. With live projects of digital marketing, you can learn how professional marketers use media and content to enhance internet marketing performance.
  • Digital platforms and promotions – With professional Digital marketing management, a business can cover all platforms to increase website traffic. The digital marketing tools and all-inclusive approach help in targeting the audience across multiple platforms. From social media websites to affiliate blogging, digital marketing uses different mediums for ensuring more audience engagement. 

We help you become a pro in marketing techniques and acquire sufficient knowledge to improve the online performance of a website or business. 

Recognize The Benefits Of PIMS Digital Marketing Training Program

At PIMS Institute, Noida, we do not only train professionals to get a job in the digital marketing field. We also assist small business owners, entrepreneurs and others to recognize how they can implement online marketing for their businesses. With us, understand the benefits of digital marketing and social marketing – 

  • Utilize search engine optimization for a website to amplify the page visits and impact the business.
  • Utilize social media optimization and marketing for reaching out to more people and increasing brand credibility.
  • Create your online brand with the best digital marketing training and tools to impact the online relevance of your business.

Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools – For Better Learning

At PIMS Digital marketing institute in Noida, we bring you a practical overview of digital marketing tools and platforms. From paid online marketing tools to free software applications for digital marketing, we cover them all. Get extensive learning for the following tools and platforms –

Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools
Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools
Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools
Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools
[Video Script] [Opening shot: A Presentation/data of statistics and graphics highlighting the unemployment rate among graduates in India.] Narrator: "Reports ki mane to, India mein 29% Graduates Berozgaar hai. AI ke Zamane mein, sirf degree ke base pe job lena muskil ho sakta hai. Aapko koi na koi Additional Skill ki zaroorat hogi to get into the Competitive job market" [Cut to a classroom setting with students engaged in hands-on activities.] Narrator: "Agar ap Internet or computer me interest Rakhte hai to “Digital Marketing” aapke liye ek behtar skill option ban sakta hai" [Show various digital marketing tools and strategies being used.] Narrator: "isi ko dhyan main rakhte huye DIGIPIMS ne launch kiya hai ‘Job Oriented Classroom Training Program in Digital Marketing with practical hands-on AI”." [Cut to a trainer teaching a group of students.] Narrator: "Is Training Program main Hum sikhayenge Practical training in digital marketing. Iss 3-4 months main aap sikhnege how to create Website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Email Marketing, or bhi bahut kuch. [Showcase the practical training sessions with live demonstrations.] Narrator: "DIGIPIMS ne pichle 11 Saalon me 15000+ students online, offline and workshops ke through trained kiye hain. Hamari average google rating 4.5+ hai, sath hin aap hamare ex-pims students ke review YouTube pe findout kar sakte hain. [Display testimonials from satisfied students.] Narrator: "Digipims aapko Course complete hone ke baad, assured intership aur placement support bhi deta hai. Jo apko apki dream job pane me help krti hai" [Show scenes of interns working in real-world scenarios.] Narrator: "Toh der kis baat ki? Aaj, hi diye gaye number pe call kare ya visit kare hamari website, Abhi enroll krain or paye 10% flat discount on fees amount.." [End with the DIGIPIMS logo and contact information.] Narrator: "DIGIPIMS: Digital Marketing mein apki safalta ki raah DIGIPIMS ke Sath."
Woo commerce
Digital Marketing Platforms And Tools
Ads 2

Mentors at PIMS – The best faculty you can ask for

Mentors and digital marketing experts at PIMS institute bring the best guiding support for all students and professionals. With a deep knowledge of every area of digital marketing, get the best curriculum and training with our mentors – 

IMG 1525

Manish Chauhan 
Founder at PIMS

He is the CEO of Panache Softech and has founded the PIMS institute. He has mentored over 15000 students in digital marketing and trained them to become a professional

Digital marketing trainer

  Pranav Jha   
Co-Founder at PIMS

He has his own Digital Marketing Agency (AP Web World)- Google Partner Agency. He is a co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute (PIMS)

IMG 2813

  Durgesh Mishra 

He is an experienced mentor and have worked in the digital marketing industry for years. Besides being a mentor at PIMS, he works as a server consultant and Linux expert. 


Digital marketing trainer

DP vishwakarma 
Guest Lecturer

He is a founder at KeywordsFly and an International Best-Selling Author. Besides being a guest lecturer at PIMS Institute, he is a Growth Hacker and a Digital Marketing Specialist.

meena mam

Meena Varshney
Guest Faculty

She is a neuro digital marketer, a critical part of the internet marketing techniques. With 8+ years of industrial experience, she also works as an E-commerce marketer, Paid Ad expert, B2B marketer and in the real estate industry. 

Why Choose PIMS For Digital Marketing Training In Noida
Digital marketing batch

Over 11000+ Students Relied On Our PIMS, Digital Marketing Institute In Noida



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Delivering Success With Each Batch – Ensuring a bright career

Enroll in certification courses at PIMS Digital marketing training institute in Noida for beginners and amateurs in the field. Go professional with the advanced training from the best faculty –

Delivering Success With Each Batch – Ensuring a bright career
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Students Trained
Delivering Success With Each Batch – Ensuring a bright career
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Delivering Success With Each Batch – Ensuring a bright career
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Pacement Assistance
Delivering Success With Each Batch – Ensuring a bright career

Industry-Accepted Certification

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Send us your interest and connect with us. Build a bright future in Digital marketing field with PIMS.

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Know The Upcoming batches at PIMS – Enroll Now!

Enroll for the upcoming training program of Digital Marketing Course In Noida at PIMS Institute

Know The Upcoming batches at PIMS – Enroll Now

Batch timing: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Course Fee: Rs.30,000

Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Modules: 40+

The Digital Marketing course in Noida at PIMS is an extensive learning program. You can connect to the contact resources to book your seat or get more information. We have other batches also with online and offline classes. Give us a ring to know more!

Get placement assistance with the top companies

Get 100% placement assistance and career guidance from the mentors at PIMS Institute. After course completion, you can secure a job in the following companies –

Choose Digital Marketing Course And Training Programs In Noida – For A Shining Career!

Transform your career to the next level by learning digital marketing skills that matter in the practical field! PIMS, the best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Noida brings you the best combination of theoretical learning and practical training. With our course modules and highly-experienced faculty, get more than just a formal certificate that is acceptable across the industry. We train you to enhance your practical skill-set so you can acquire high-paying job roles at MNCs. 

  • Experienced mentors and faculty
  • Blend of theory and practical learning
  • High-quality training and modules
  • Free doubt clearing classes
  • Credible certificate and diploma courses
  • Top placement partners for 100% job assistance
  • Proven track record in the field
  • Freelance and live project-based learning
  • Access to paid digital marketing tools
  • Internship offers and interview preparation
  • Google Ad certification
  • On-time course completion and certificate
Choose Digital Marketing Course And Training Programs In Noida – For A Shining Career!

FAQ's For Digital Marketing Course

PIMS is the best option for any student or professional to get digital marketing training in Noida. We have 9+ years of experience and have taught 11000+ students who acquired high-paying jobs with the certification. We offer the best curriculum and learning modules for digital marketing. Gain practical knowledge and in-depth theoretical knowledge with us. Join our course to find the best guidance. 

Anyone can join our Digital marketing course in Noida. We have an extensive learning program and certification course for all learners. Anyone who has completed their 12th, graduation or post-graduation can join our digital marketing training course. Working professionals can also take up the advanced training course to enhance their career prospects. 

At PIMS Institute we bring you online and offline courses to ensure the best learning and training. You can choose online classes to access the material online after enrolling your name for the course. Our faculty members will guide you with the study material, content, paid tools and software resources for the best learning assistance. 

Yes. You can finish the course within the estimated duration and get certified. Our training modules are systematic and cover every necessary aspect of digital marketing. Find dedicated learning assistance from experienced faculty members and complete the course within the estimated time. 

After passing your board exams of class 12, you can take up the 4-month course for learning the fundamentals of digital marketing at PIMS Institute. We bring a sorted course material to assist amateur learners who have zero knowledge about the different ways of digital marketing. 

Our study modules are designed in a way to bring the best of theoretical and practical learning. You can get access to the paid and free tools of internet marketing while learning. Besides that, we also bring SEO training and content management practical sessions where you can optimize the content for the website for better understanding. We also bring you practical learning sessions for multiple digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to understand how SMO and SMM work. 

At PIMS, you can find certification and training program courses for advanced digital marketing and management. Any professional working in the IT sector can join the course to learn more. We provide you with extensive training and placement assistance to enhance your career prospects. 

PIMS is the leading choice for the Digital marketing course in Noida for the systematic course and study modules. The perfect balance of theoretical learning and practical training from our faculty members helps you make a bright career. Following are the unique features of our courses – 100% placement assistance, comprehensive learning module, interview preparation, internship opportunities, etc. 

With the correct training and understanding of the different tools and techniques of digital marketing, you can build a steady career in –

  • White hat marketing – SEO executive
  • Digital marketing executive
  • PPC Expert, Search engine marketing expert
  • SMO and SMM specialist
  • SEO-based content writer

Besides these, you can also do freelancing and assist in digital marketing strategy-making for different businesses. 

Yes. You will get a certification on completion of the digital marketing course from the institute. PIMS is a registered institute that offers national and international certifications. Use the certificate to enhance your career and add extra education capabilities to your resume. Find the best career opportunities with the certification provided by us. 

Yes. You can pursue Digital Marketing in offline and online mediums. Especially for students and professionals living away from Noida can contact our team to get online registration. Our admission team will schedule your appointments with the instructor to start the course online. You will get access to live videos through software applications such as Zoom, Skype, etc. You will receive the certificate after completing the course via email. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often get confused with the requirements of digital marketing. Hence, they have to hire digital marketing executives. But, by learning the basics and applications from our training program, you can grow your business on the digital platform. No need to pay money to other digital marketing executives as you can learn the best ways to enhance your internet marketing techniques. 

Internet and its digital platforms have a plethora of opportunities for career growth. If you notice carefully, the prospects of online businesses are increasing with each passing day. In such times, you can imagine how your career will flourish in the coming years. With quality learning and in-depth understanding, you can make the most of affiliate and commission-based networking opportunities, online streaming, programmatic ads, neuro-marketing, live ad bidding, etc. 

With the extensive training at PIMS institute, you can find hands-on experience in managing the advertising requirements on different digital platforms. Social media management and content optimization require practical training and we offer the same to our candidates. With interactive group sessions and live projects, you can get a practical overview. 

Our faculty members at PIMS Institute are always there to assist you with the crucial topics. We arrange backlog classes for students who require them. Even during the sessions, our mentors assist you thoroughly to help you understand each topic of the module and curriculum. For any doubt clearing sessions, you will always find quality assistance. 

You can enroll on the digital marketing course at PIMS institute Noida after completing your school, college or university. You can always get in touch with our team and resolve the queries about eligibility. Give us a ring to know more or you can fill-up the form in the contact section to reach out to us. 

Yes, we also help our students with internship opportunities. You can get a chance to work as an intern at our Digital marketing agency and acquire practical experience. We also assist you in job placement with various companies and organizations. 

After you complete the course at our PIMS Institute Noida, we will assist you with placement and internship. You can get jobs in MNCs and startups by applying for the position of digital marketing executive, SEO expert, PPC expert, content writer and SMM executive. 

Our digital marketing courses and training programs are available in online and offline mode. You can choose the course and connect to our team for further information. Online admission and enrolment for the course are also available from our end for students living outside NCR. If you stay in Noida, you can also visit our institute and directly talk with the instructors.

Most of the courses offered by us are for 4months. There are other training modules and programs with a 6-month course. The duration varies with the modules and the course curriculum. Connect to the team of PIMS and resolve the questions about duration. 

After you receive the certification from PIMS for the fundamental digital marketing course, you can get entry-level jobs at startups. With advanced learning of digital marketing and advertising, you can acquire high-paying jobs at MNCs and corporate houses. You can also work as a freelancer and assist digital marketing teams and strategists to help different businesses. 

You can start your career as an entry-level executive at the digital marketing companies or startups. We will assist you in finding internship opportunities and jobs. For beginners in the field, the salary starts from 15K to 20K. With an experience of 3 to 4 years, you can reach 50K easily. Freelancing is also an option to earn well with the projects available with Indian and foreign clients.

Digital marketing is one field that is evolving each day with new technology and tools acquiring the market. With our extensive training, you get a compact idea of the existing tools and software applications. We also provide you lifetime access to study material to enhance your knowledge. Learn the new techniques in the field with us and stay one step ahead! 

With PIMS Institute, get 100% placement assistance and preparation support. Our students have worked with the leading MNCs all across the nation in the past and acquired the job through our assistance. You can also sit for the interviews and land the job of your dreams. There are campus drives for jobs and internships at our end. The mentors and counsellor will help you in every way to crack the interview. 

PIMS is the best Digital marketing training institute in Noida that offers you a diverse range of training programs. From basics of digital marketing to advanced training on SEO and internet advertising, we bring it all. We offer you the best digital marketing course. Enroll now! 

At PIMS institution, get the best training and industry-accepted certification at the most reasonable cost. We have experienced professionals who will guide you in every step. Course modules and hands-on training with theoretical learning make us the best among the rest! 

We provide backup classes for students who need extra doubt-clearing sessions. You do not have to pay anything for such doubt-clearing sessions. Get the best mentors guiding you with the essential topics of digital marketing and cover everything within the estimated course duration and expense. Protection Status



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