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(Professional Institute of Marketing and strategy) PIMS, Data Science course that provides an overview of essential concepts and techniques for programming machine learning algorithms, like R, and Python. It aims to prepare students for applying these techniques by providing them with the background necessary to solve a variety of real-world business problems.

What Is Data Science?

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Why Learn Data Science?

With the quantity of data generated and the rapid advancement within Analytics, Data Science has been deemed necessary for companies. To maximize the value of their data, businesses across all industries such as Finance or Retail, Marketing, IT, or Bank. All are in search of Data Scientists. This has resulted in an enormous demand for data scientists and data science course in India. With the type of pa y that companies offer, and IBM has declared it to be one of the top jobs of the 21st century, it’s a highly lucrative career for many. This field is one in which anybody with any background can be an Information Scientist.

What Is Data Science?

Data science is a combination of mathematics, business acumen, tools, machine learning techniques, algorithms, and other methods, all of which assist us in discovering the hidden patterns or insights in data that can prove invaluable to make essential business decisions.
In data science, we deal with both unstructured and structured data. The algorithms also include predictive analytics. Data science is about the future as well as the present. This means identifying the trends based on historical data that could help make current decisions and identify patterns that can be modeled and used to predict how things will take shape in the coming years with the help of data science course in India

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Components Of Data Science


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is implementing mathematical models and algorithms that are mainly used to make machines better and enable them to cope with daily technological advancements. For instance, today, time-series forecasting has become popular in financial and trading systems. In this case, using patterns in historical data, the machine can forecast the outcome for the next months or even years.


Big Data

Humans every day create a massive amount of information in the form of clicks, orders, images, videos, comments, RSS Feeds, articles, etc. They are usually unstructured and are often referred to by the term Big Data. Big Data techniques and tools primarily aid in converting unstructured data into structured forms. For instance, suppose that one wants to keep track of the prices of various items on e-commerce websites. The user can obtain the information of similar products through different websites via Web APIs and RSS Feeds. Convert them to a structured format.


Business Intelligence

A business's data is always in the form of and creates too much information each day. When this data is carefully analyzed and presented in graphic reports and graphs, it may help in making good decisions come to life. This will assist the management make the best decision after thoroughly examining patterns and the reports' details.

Tools Used In Data Science


R is utilized for data analysis as a programming language, an environment for visualizing data, statistical analysis, and visualization.


Python is preferred for mathematical concepts and models because Python has a wealth of libraries and packages to create and run models.

MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a standard necessity for all jobs involving data entry. Excel can be used in data analysis by applying formulas, equations, diagrams, and diagrams from an amount of data.


The Hadoop Platform is an open-source software for processing distributed data. It is utilized to manage the storage and processing of large data applications.

SQL database/coding

It is mainly used to prepare and extract data. It is also used for Graph or Network Analysis, Search behavior, and fraud detection issues.


Since there is so much unstructured information out there, it's essential to know how to access that data. This is done via various methods through APIs and web servers.


We at PIMS, believe in offering a complete data science course that you desire. Our industry experts have created a top-notch curriculum for you.
As Data Science is a vast subject and everything can not be covered in 3 months, that is why our training experts have devised multiple data science courses. You can choose the one which suits you the most.

  • Basics of Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science Applications
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Applications
  • Python
  • SQL Programming
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Applications
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Analysis Pipeline
  • What is Data Extraction?
  • Types of Data
  • Raw and Processed Data
  • Data Wrangling
  • Overview of the Analytics Techniques, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Industry Example

Live Projects

In consultation with industry partners in Marketing, Finance, Medical, and other domains, we offer various live projects to students, making them industry ready.

Career Support

Our highly-connected placement team will provide you with the best opportunities at top companies that match your profile.

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PIMS will give you a boost in your career. We focus on making sure you have a successful career and are ready to help you secure new jobs at companies you love.

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Get in touch with industry professionals to prepare for the best. The 100% Job Placement Assistance program is designed to help job seekers from all walks and backgrounds through various sources.

Guaranteed Certification

Learn the basics of Data Science, and you will be an expert in it! Our Data Science certifications, which are ISO-certified, can give you a huge boost in your career as a Data Scientist.

PIMS Advantages

  • Modules that are exquisitely designed for in-depth learning.
  • Get ready for the future with market-ready tools.
  • You can attend classes from your home via online training sessions.
  • Delivered hours of high-quality teaching to foster your education.
  • You have unlimited access to all recorded sessions during the online data science course.
  • Get support from our experts, who are always available to help you.
  • Regular workshops, seminars, or webinars can help you to improve your knowledge.
  • Our goal is to help you diversify your knowledge to deepen your expertise in the field you choose.
  • Our unique programs will help you in getting ahead.
  • Take advantage of our expert guest faculty to expand your horizons.
  • PIMS experts will help you get digital campus training.
  • After completing your data science course, you can obtain authenticated certificates.
  • Get 100% job assistance and a placement cell.
  • PIMS is a place where you can meet like-minded mentors and for guidance.
  • Regular assignments and assessments will help you to improve your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, After you have completed your course, we offer certificates. You can use our certificates to recognize your achievement wherever you are. The Online Data Science Course lasts for 3 months. After that, you will receive a certificate stating that the course has been completed.

Our trainers have more than 10 years of experience. You will receive both group and one-on-one training, depending on your needs. Our professionals will provide you with the best data science training in Noida and help you improve your existing skills.

Our live classes are recorded for future reference and self-study. These recordings can also be accessed via our PIMS app. The video recording can be referred to, if you cannot attend a class. You can also reach out to faculty members during the doubt clearing period or ask questions at the beginning of the next class.

PIMS trainers are available to answer any questions you may have. Online classes and recorded sessions are also available, and these can help you gain a better understanding of the course. You can always reach out to our trainers if you have any questions or need help understanding a topic.

PIMS accepts all applicants. You don’t have to be a certain age to apply for the Data Science course in Noida. No matter your age, whether you’re a senior school graduate or a junior high student, we train all ages. There is no age limit to learning. Our institute is committed to providing education to all who come in to learn from us.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Data Science jobs is expected to increase by 27.9% in 2026. This makes now the ideal time to begin a career as a Data Science professional.

The role that a scientist performs could be anything related to statistics or math. The day-to-day work in data science involves defining business issues or opportunities and manipulating data to resolve problems, designing, testing to deliver business solutions, and coding to ensure that the desired solution is carried out. When they code data, professionals utilize a variety of languages for analysis and data science. For example, Python, SAS, R, SQL, etc.

The average salary for a data scientist position is the equivalent of Rs. 698,412 per year. In less than a year of work experience, an entry-level data scientist could earn about 500,000 per year. Data scientists who have 1 to 4 years of experience could earn 610,811 annually.

You don’t need to know Python. However, it must be one from R or Python. Data science requires you to know at least one of these languages to do your work.

Machine Learning is the most complex algorithm field in computer science. The Python machine learning libraries have seen the most significant growth. They are now the most popular language for algorithm implementation. Many machine learning libraries are available, including SciPy, NumPy, Theano, Pandas, Scikit-learn, and many more.

Data science is best suited for analytical thinkers who love coding and working with numbers. Data scientists spend most of their time on computers, so learners must be comfortable in learning different coding languages. Data science is also an excellent option for those interested in deep learning, machine learning, and AI.

This comprehensive course will give you a deep understanding of data science from beginning to end. This course will teach you the basics of statistics, SQL, and Exploratory Data Science. You will also learn how to visualize using Tableau and Python. 

To be a data scientist, you must have the ability to analyze data and draw meaningful insights from it. The two most essential programming languages for data science are R and Python. These skills can be used in conjunction with SQL queries.

You will have the opportunity to work with trainers & industry veterans with over 10 years of experience.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to access, modify, update, insert, manipulate and modify data. SQL can manage large datasets. This skill is essential for any data scientist, and SQL is essential for every Data Science job.


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