5 Stages of Digital Marketing life cycle

digital marketing life cycle


Growth is a continuous process- you need to put constant effort to grow out the person you are today and become a better version of yourself every day instead of sitting idle and hoping God to make tremendous changes in your life it is not going to happen!

Digital marketing is the same, it is a continuous process of growth that flourishes with your efforts. Creating a campaign and sitting back hoping to climb up the ladder is unachievable.

Yes, we do realize that sometimes clients have this monstrous expectation where they expect to see growth in a tick. What they don’t understand is digital marketing is just like growing a tree. You can’t sow the seeds today and expect to see a tree appear in front of you unless you are in Narnia.

Creating a campaign is just the start of what comes next. So, today we decided to give you a tour of the five stages of the digital marketing life cycle


What Does Digital Marketing Do?

So, we know that you know by now most businesses have a more prominent online presence than an offline presence. Most start-ups or new brands start online and shift offline based on their presence and their success this is saving them a lot of money. The technology and the tools have made it easier and more affordable for people to chase after their business dreams than being stuck to a nine-to-five corporate job that they aren’t even interested in let’s say passionate it is an out-of-the-world word here.

As the name suggests, digital marketing is the process of implementing technology to target a specific group. All sorts of digital marketing campaigns are designed with a specific business agenda in mind, and they are designed in a way to achieve that agenda. 

Every person who chooses digital marketing as a career comes with a business agenda in mind. Digital marketing has to deal with a lot of skills and roles to match with your competitors.


Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Sometimes the most talented people stay behind the curtain getting underpaid for their whole life because they just don’t know how to market their skills and the same applies to a business. 

For instance, imagine a beauty brand has legitimate makeup products that are completely vegan and are dermatologically tested to be the best but it sits behind in a store around a small area of an audience not attracting enough people and revenue, and will eventually run out of business even though they had the best products. 

On the other side, there are multiple businesses online which do not sell the best makeup but are similar to every other brand in the market but they are doing a tremendous amount of sales and making heaps of profit due to their consistent online presence. 

This is why digital marketing is important. Even though you have the best product you might fail if you don’t reach the right audience at the right and this is where phases of digital marketing come to your rescue. If you are not following the metrics or KPIs of your campaign whether it’s metrics of social media or website, you are lacking at some point in time. 

It is just not enough to create a website and wait for people to scroll through the search engine page to find you. You need to find the right digital marketing team to create the best strategy for you at the desired budget and help you reach your audience at a fair pace because the internet is not just another place today it has become a whole new universe. 

Google gets 5.6 billion queries per day so you can only imagine how many people are online surfing and searching each day. 


Does Digital Marketing Work For All Business

This is one question most people have in mind whether it is a business or it is someone looking for a career in marketing. Yes, digital marketing has become an essential part of every business. If you asked this question maybe five-ten years ago we would say maybe or may not but today everything, be online from school, office, your laundry, your banking service, to your food. Everything is brought and sold online.

Even the traditional Chartered Accountant firms, Hospitals, and every other brand and business which you can think of are online.


I’m Ready To Try Digital Marketing. Now What?

First off you need to understand that digital marketing is a very effective way to acquaint you with the world. 

It is your introduction to the online audience through Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Mobile Marketing. 

Businesses need an online presence to make themselves known to people and to stand out amongst their competitors.

So, if you have decided to try and learn digital marketing you need to find the right room of people who can help grow your business. 


Before that let’s understand the “5 Stages Of Digital Marketing.”


5 Stages Of Digital Marketing Life Cycle

There are many active factors to a successful digital marketing campaign, and they all work together to help your business thrive.

 To help you understand the full life cycle of a marketing campaign, we’ll focus on five important digital marketing stages, albeit there are more moving pieces than we have time to address in this blog.


Setting Up and Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Okay, the first stage and the important one is to define what you want. You need to come clean with what you want for your business. Sit down and write what requirements and expectations are and then go online and look at what digital marketing offers under different wings and how they are performing.

Consider what good marketing campaign would give scope for your business and ensure your campaign gives value to individuals who stumble upon it as you set out all of this data for reflection because you don’t want to waste money on something that the audience would scroll ahead thinking it is some mindless post or ad.

Once you are all set up go ahead and dig deeper into the world of marketing and promotion and wage through the obstacles of setting up and running a successful campaign.


Before implementing your strategy, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Which demography do you need to focus on?
  • In what way do you need to push products out to people?
  • How unique is your business/product idea?
  • What problem is your product/business solving?
  • Which is your focus point?
  • Which is the favorite platform for your business?
  • What is your content strategy?
  • How can you measure the success of your marketing campaign?


Implementation And Traction

Stage one is a maze but once you get past it the process will be narrow and simple for you to proceed.

So now you’ll need to come up with a strategy to boost your campaign. We recommend focusing on your target audience, positioning, and content strategy using the information you acquired in the first stage as a starting point you can take off in stage two without much of a hassle.

Consumer interaction should be your prime concentration. The way you build engaging content and attract individuals to your page is very vital.

Building a relationship with your customers is extremely vital for your business to succeed. Set up analytics and conversion measuring for future campaigns so that you may collect as much data as possible during this step.

Your business will benefit in the long run if you know what drives your target audience to engage with you.


Conversion And Expansion

You have created a successful campaign that has engaged enough audience so what are you waiting for now is the right time to convert them into your customers. You see you need to strike when the iron is hot! Because you have engaged people for a long time now.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you may have already set some goals such as increased patient, more revenue, and brand loyalty throughout the Conversion stage.

Your campaign’s trends may reveal areas that need a little tweaking. If you pay close attention to this number, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions that will contribute to greater success.


The Understanding Client Desires And Gives Them A Comfort Zone

At this stage, you have set a successful campaign or you are running it into the ground. If you fall into the former category then congrats but if you fall into the latter one, we suggest you take a closer look at your campaign because your mistakes will be right in front of you and you need to change your strategy before you lose the client.

So, let’s dive into the point. This is a critical stage of the whole digital marketing cycle. Once you have created and succeeded in attracting the right audience you have set a pavement for your clients which they will refuse to evolve from. Yes, in this stage either the clients withdraw from you or they stay rooted in their decision refusing to grow further. They will grow of an opinion that when they are having enough revenue or audience why they need to step up their game. This is the most case scenario. They would refuse to come out of their comfort zone and would not be willing to spend another penny in the panic of losing what they have.

When something is working, it’s natural to want to keep going in the same direction. Nevertheless, if you don’t find ways to constantly improve your marketing, you’ll be doing yourself harm. Because not only are you running your client to the ground but yourself too.


Re-Plan And Research

Not all marketers reach this stage but if they do they are hard-working and genius marketers who have paved their way through all difficulties into a successful campaign. 

At this point in your digital campaign, you have collected enough data to determine what factors contributed to your target audience’s decision to buy.

Once you’ve collected this data, you can utilize it to improve your campaign by adding new features or you can just keep it to inspire future digital campaigns or for reference. The final stage of life is one that never ends despite ending.

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