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In this modern age of technology, marketing plays a major role in the success of the businesses. Businesses are always looking to improve their sales in every way possible. In the 90s & thereafter TV broadcasting, radios, newspapers, magazine, and fliers use to be the main medium for advertising but with the emergence of the internet, there was a huge shift of new marketing methods. New electronic devices came in the market with laptops, smartphone, and tablets, further easing the use of the internet.


With research and development, newer technologies were derived to target these modern devices. Digital Market started in the early 2000s and now has overtaken traditional marketing methods to achieve unprecedented heights in the last decade. Now all brick and mortar business have either transformed into online platforms or looking to enhance their business opportunities using online activities.


Now there seem to be two main directions of marketing with Traditional where old methods dominate and Digital Marketing the modern way of advertising. Using effective marketing technology will open numerous business opportunities for your better prospect.


Professionals need to have a thorough knowledge of using the right methods based on the products or services that are selling in the market. Although in the last decade digital marketing has reached unprecedented heights still traditional marketing has been in the running for centuries. So let’s have a glimpse of these two contrasting ways of marketing.


  • The traditional way of Marketing
  • Evolution and Growth of Digital Marketing
  • Market Trends (Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing)
  • Why Digital Marketing is now Better than Traditional Marketing?
  • How PIMS is helping to prepare Next Age professionals?
  • Conclusion



The traditional way of Marketing


Traditional marketing includes all the promotional methods for offline advertising i.e. Printing (Newspaper ads, Magazines ads), Broadcasting on national or regional television and radio advertisements, Telemarketing calls, SMS marketing, and outdoor activities like billboards, flyers, etc. Although there were improvements in the traditional marketing still their fundamentals always followed the rule of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion or often called as popular four P’s.


These became the main factors for building businesses and gave marketing to explore new users with their techniques.


  • Product: To start with one must have comprehensive information about the particular product or services and its connection to the user’s requirements. Building the right marketing strategy for a product starts from having a thorough understanding of its own production.
  • Price: In this monetary-based economics, the price of a product is defined in various market factors like demand, profits, supply, etc. Marketers use to strategize with margins of discounts one can apply to the product price and consumer purchasing power to come up with future estimations.
  • Place: Placement is one of the major factors around which traditional marketing strategies are built. Banners at the right position can have the user attention and help in promoting the product collectively.
  • Promotion: Any method used to promote the product in the market comes in this category. Advertising on a billboard, personal selling, branded entertainment, exhibitions, and trade shows were some of the common methods.


These four P’s philosophy used to be the main strategy used by businesses to explore the market. Digital Marketing although uses the latest technology but follows the same four P’s rule in a more enhanced way.



Evolution and Growth of Digital Marketing


Online advertising was a new phenomenon for traditional business owners. Now they had to shift their preferences as the users were now going online for buying products or looking for services. They are searching on Google for the relevant service provider, checking their reviews and then calling them for solutions rather than taking numbers from the billboards. Easy availability of modern devices, faster internet, and quick communication are the solution people wants.


Let’s first define digital marketing and see how the trends are moving towards their future growth.


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What is Digital Marketing?


All the advertising on electronic products are done using the internet as a main tool are termed as Digital Marketing. Use of the internet has surpassed all the estimations with their enormous growth. Smartphone’s, tablets, PC, desktops, Mac and other electronic medium provide an effective way to connect with the internet. Any business regardless of its size can promote their products or services using digital marketing as a proficient tool with specific planning for users based on their location, size, interests, and many more.


Known as ‘Digital Marketing’ in the present day includes all technologies using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing, content marketing and all other forms of online advertising.


Rise of Digital Devices


One of the main reason that complemented the growth of Digital Marketing was the swift rise in the use of digital devices. Smartphone’s, tablets, iPad, tabs, etc are now dominating the market as never before. There are some surprising facts about the large increase in the numbers of digital devices that led to this growth.


  • The total number of Smartphone and tablets have gone up from 142 million in 2014 to 669.7 million in 2019. (expected from the Cisco forecast)
  • Average time spent on smartphones has increased from 3 hrs(191 minutes to be precise) a day in 2014 (from Ericsson consumer labs) to min 4 hrs a day in 2019 as now users have started using the latest app for watching sports, TV programs, and movies on regular basis on their Smartphone. The total expected time spent on the Smartphone has gone up from 452 million man-hours to 2.7 Billion man-hours in 2019.


Keeping in check the rise of smartphone users, Businesses are now inclined to focus their marketing strategies based on electronic devices. All Ad marketing platforms these days come with numerous configurations that businesses can use for specific targeting based on location, devices, interests, hobbies, and many more.


Why Digital Marketing is now Better than Traditional Marketing?

With Digital Marketing new advantages have come up for the businesses that were not seen with the use of traditional marketing. The following points show the advantage of Digital Marketing over the use of traditional marketing.


  • Direct Customer Engagement: These digital marketing technologies offer a way to connect with users directly for engagement and interaction on a regular basis. Users leave their reviews of the products or services through comments or email you so the audience feels connected with the brand always. Brands also maintain social media handles, and reviews for offering sophisticated solutions through various digital marketing channels by replying in the comments, by emailing them, or a direct call.
  • More Affordable and efficient: These new digital marketing techniques are quite proficient in every aspect. So you can plan to start with minimum budgets and then scale as per the results accordingly. Compared to traditional markets these costs are quite less and result-oriented too. Their return on investment (ROI) has proven a lot better than traditional marketing too.
  • Larger Audience: With millions of users every day you cater to a very large audience and build area-wise campaigns for more precise user targeting. You can also. These campaign building platforms uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to track the global population & their behavior comprehensively. Businesses now can opt for marketing ads anywhere around the world for targeting a global audience.
  • Tracking Results: Another major benefit of these new and advanced digital marketing is one can track each ad, their impression, clicks, and set target audience based on their age, location & numerous measurements to boost sales as well as revenue proficiently. With skills and experience, professionals now can plan precisely for projects financially and track clients performance in a more organized way.


Although Digital marketing is nothing new but the concepts and techniques have improved with modernization keeping pace with the business needs respectively. Advertising methods are now more refined, used hundreds of configurations based on their age, placements, interests, jobs, hobbies, and many more.


Market Trends (Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing)


Here are some of the market trends that show the immense growth of Digital Marketing technologies.


  • Search engines drive 93% traffic on the websites with Google dominantly taking 96% of the Smartphone to search traffic and 94% of the total organic making it effectively the sole leader for working with Digital Marketing technologies. Organic traffic still has 51% of the total market consumption.
  • Content with relevant images takes around 94% of the total views so make sure always complement your strategy with high-quality images. Although Content will remain fundamental for increasing traffic by 2000% effectively.
  • Videos share among the new millennia has significantly improved. Youtube now has more than 5 billion views on a daily basis. Youtube has higher engagement and a lower bounce rate than Facebook and Twitter combined. Another estimate shows that video traffic will dominate with around 82% by 2021.
  • Blogs with videos are more likely to get better organic results in today’s modern age up to 157%.
  • Videos are expected to get more than 1200% chances of share that texts and links combined.
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram has surpassed more than $2 Billion making it a huge attraction among the millennia. These young generations enjoy working with modern gadgets and will be part of every 1/3rd retail sales by 2020. With more than 76% ROI these results are going to increase further and further.
  • Google and Facebook combined have more revenue of more than $120 Billion through advertising and its already more than all magazines, newspapers and radio network throughout the world.
  • More than 75% of online users will research product reviews online before buying them from selling marketplace. Most of the adults in a developed country like the US(60%) have their presence on Facebook regularly.
  • SEO has shown a conversion rate of around 14.6% quite higher than traditional methods with only 1.7%.
  • Mobile advertising has already reached 69% of the total amount spent on digital marketing. And it is expected to reach $247.4 Billion by the year 2020 making it one of the best way to promote products and services on the internet.
  • Especially B2B market LinkedIn has 94% acceptance from the business owners.
  • Social Media is the most effective way for B2C marketing for more than 90% of marketers.


Facts are taken from


It would be difficult for any modern businessman to not see these vast improvements in digital marketing stats. Businesses need to choose digital marketing to find their targeted users group and continuously evolve to enhance better opportunities online. These solutions are more precise, affordable and will keep the graph of your business growth in a positive direction.




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How PIMS is helping to prepare Next Age professionals?


With continuous modernization, these methods of Digital marketing will be more enhanced in the future. Using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, ads platforms have completely changed the market used to target users. Campaigns are automatically built for products and services in targeting the right users.


As one of the premium institutes for learning PIMS Noida offers one of the most dynamic courses in Digital Marketing. Consisting of 36 modules of excellence, students are offered thorough guidance for marketing methods used in this digital age. We focus on practical hands-on training for giving students a better approach to their learning curve. Digital Marketing is still growing and now businesses require top professionals to combine their traditional sales with new digital methods. There is a huge demand for top professionals in the industry and PIMS is dedicated to keeping its highest standards in transforming young age professionals for the leaders of tomorrow.




With this post, we can conclude that digital marketing is the way to move forward in this modern age. As millions of users are online every second, these platforms offer better prospects in every way to promote things with the current generation. Minimum investment, efficient tracking measures, and a higher return on investment are the main advantages of digital marketing over the traditional methods that have gone stale with time.


PIMS is part of the large consortium and acts as an education subsidiary of a Digital Marketing agency in association with AP Web World, Panache Soft tech.





  1. What are the main differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?
  2. The main difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing lies in its approach. The traditional method uses TV, Banner, and magazine where it depends on user preference to see, take notice and then understand the product whereas in Digital marketing we see a high level of user interaction, data-driven approach, better targeting, and cost-effectiveness respectively. Digital Marketing has shown remarkable success in higher leads, improved conversion and better revenue generation for businesses.



Q What are the main advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

  1. Digital marketing offers the benefits of a two-way conversation with higher user engagement, better targeting, precise planning, tracking, and measurements that results in an enhanced return on the investments(ROI) too.


  1. What are the key benefits of Digital Marketing?
  2. Here are the 8 benefits of Digital Marketing
  • Better Sales planning
  • Effective Strategising
  • Real-time data-driven marketing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Enhanced leads and conversion
  • More revenue generation for businesses
  • Company/Personal branding
  • Comprehensive data analysis and reporting


Q Can we combine both traditional marketing and digital marketing effectively?


  1. Yes, you can use both of these marketing approaches to reach a wider range of audiences. This can work wonders for businesses to get sales and conversion from both methods. But to gain benefits from you need to have a thorough understanding of each concept precisely.


Q What are the main differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?


  1. The main difference between traditional marketing and Digital Marketing can be tracked using the following.


  • Customer Engagement or Interaction
  • Time Control and scheduling
  • Costs
  • Measurements
  1. Can Digital Marketing replace traditional Marketing in the near future?
  2. Both types of marketing their pros and Cons. Traditional marketing suits top brands who have huge budgets and cater to a larger audience easily while small businesses have limited opportunities with fliers, billboards, print ads, etc. While Digital Marketing can be used effectively for all small, medium and large businesses. With short, precise and targeted campaigns one can gain huge leads in the market effectively.


New technologies and software are also tracking user interests on digital platforms to include them in their algorithms in the future. Although traditional marketing has powerful footholds still digital market numbers are increasing in huge numbers. So we can say there is a probability that digital marketing will replace traditional marketing.


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