Video Marketing Trends for 2022 – How to Do it?

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Latest Video Marketing Trends in 2022 and how to be updated with the trends?

What is Video Marketing in Online Marketing?

Marketers are using every way possible to promote their products or services online. The use of videos in marketing has been going up with every passing year. Video marketing trends 2022 because they are replacing the traditional way of texts and offer an optimized experience for the same context. By videos, users can understand the message better, absorb the knowledge and have a more practical learning curve rather than reading through traditionally.

In today’s age videos are playing a huge role in user engagement whether it be social media, video platforms sites, or E-Commerce, users are binged on checking videos. Most of the videos are based on a specific topic and guide users with detailed information to keep them watching until the end. Short stories, facts check fictions and even memes are being made to entice user’s engagement.

Most of the social media platforms are video-savvy and often now termed as Video first platforms since they are now dominated by this modern form of graphics. Almost every top Social Media Platform, for instance, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram reels, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linked In, etc has gained higher user engagement with Videos. In this blog, we are going to have a detailed look at trends for video marketing we will see in 2022.

Need for Video Marketing


Types of Videos

Although videos can have different types based on purpose but here are we are going to learn video types based on duration and used in general by marketers for promotional activities.

Short Videos

Young Millennia is bound to be more driven towards seeing short videos. With  a modern busy life and short attention span, the trend for short video marketing is having a profound effect on Online media. Especially for Digital marketers, videos are a must for all niches and must be part of their every project. Story-based videos with subtitles and background music are trending a lot among the new generation giving users a wholesome experience.

Long Videos

Although shorter videos are more trending still there is huge potential for long videos as people are now using online streaming for each of their activities. With the ease of high internet speed, consumers now have the accessibility to enjoy long videos and get higher user engagement. Rather than reading through the whole content of the page, they watch the whole practical video to grasp the information better.

Live Videos

Celebrities, Influencer, and events are also broadcasted live on top social platforms to garner attention from millions of users online. With a long fan following they are a huge success as marketers use these top accounts to help them promote products and services in a real-time connection. You can also enjoy the benefits of watch parties as a group of friends go live on Facebook to let the whole world know about your activities.

Even modern smart devices and VR headsets have brought 360-degree videos that capture every possible angle to give users a unique experience for viewing. These videos are more likely to gain a higher impression and ROI for top brands.


Video Marketing Trends of 2022




It has become the primary factor for marketers to give personalization to users. Each social media is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to check the user’s behavior to show them similar interesting posts and videos for enhancing user engagement. Consumers most often see videos for top brands they know and purchase regularly, local businesses they are aware of, and explore new places for their interests. Even these videos are being integrated with inside Email marketing and have a higher Click-through rate (CTR) by viewers to show the changing trends of millennia.

Data-Driven Approach

With most of the top brands in the market now promoting online a lot of effort is being made to utilize the data to reach the right audience. Data analysis is helping a brand to make precise targets, plans, and executive strategies. Every single user activity, their hobbies, friends, group posting, and searching behavior is now being collected to segment the audience for better targeting.

The ratio of video-based advertising has also increased and in 2022 it is expected that businesses will favor them over the text and pictures to gain more attention from users. Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, offer optimized video-based advertising to enhance user experience.

Platform and Audience Specific Marketing Videos

Two major considerations marketers must take into account are platform and audience. Both factors define the purpose of videos, the messages they convey, and the engagement you will get from crafting videos. Instagram Stories is a creative way to highlight activities and information for connecting users with top brands. They enjoy the personalized response from their brands, get sneak previews of their backend activities, get high discounts, and know all about the prevailing offers. As each product, company or service will cater to specific audience marketers need to take these inputs to come up with creative solutions to drive sales and promotions for their brands. For instance square, vides and native videos have a better impression from users rather than putting a youtube video link in the post while vertical videos are preferred for Instagram.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the latest technology showing an immense rise in their popularity. New-age marketers are now going to use these sophisticated solutions to mix with videos to present a remarkable experience for their users. These videos are more interactive and as we are moving towards 2022, we are going to see a plethora of changes for video promotions.

Marketers will continue to add more creativity and information in videos to entice users but these trends will have a huge impact on building effective strategies for getting better ROI from videos. Here are some of the views from our Guest Video experts.


Guest Reviews

Some Views are presented by top professionals working in the industry.

Satish Kushwaha

sk play button

with 685K+ subscribers on his YouTube Channel:

He is a passionate blogger and offers videos from earning through online activities. His views for upcoming video marketing trends for 2022 “

Always remember the message or information in focus, you want to convey to the audience, you must keep it simple, short, and informative because the more you keep the information crisp it will be easier for the audience to understand”


Avi Arya

FB IMG 1575808057265 20191208 175752893

“The ease of which audiovisuals which allow people to save time stay closer to their families, cut travel costs and therefore the video is seen as the most efficient winning factor in any social media campaign or any sales campaign to become a personal brand, start a company or grow it nothing gonna beat the power of a well-structured video in 2022. It’s just going to be the winning Ace”

“A lot of people are shy don’t have structure lot of people don’t know what steps to follow these people are those who will be going to have a problem everybody else who understands that there’s a structure to the video to be sent to get the sales, to be able to grow your brand these people are going to be the winning forces”

“We are going to see it in social media profiles and brand campaigns and all over the world in 2022”.


Best Practices for Video Marketing that everyone should know


video marketing

With 2022 not far away, videos are a must for digital marketing, especially for social media. Editing part makes your work easy and tools like Clipchamp makes thing bit easy because in 2022 Short Videos and Reels are one of the most trending things happening on social media which attract a lot of engagement. Here are important best practices for new-age marketers to include in their video marketing in 2022




  1. One must have a goal with some purpose, meaning, and reason to start building videos. It can be personal, commercial, or promotional.
  2. Interesting and quality are the two major factors for video marketing. Do thorough background research, make notes, then refine them and use them creatively inside videos to give users the right purpose to go through the whole information.
  3. Be focussed on a single topic while crafting videos rather than confusing by adding multiple niches. Storytelling is among the latest trends to keep users engaged with a profound ending to have the right impression. Videos with Emotional response has substantially increased with real-life stories on social media sites.
  4. Use Subtitles for better readability as users can keep their attention and offer more engagement in understanding the purpose. Especially for smartphones and tables most often users like to keep their subtitles on. Even when there is no sound they can understand the meaning of the video presentation.
  5. Keeping Videos Short or depends on a lot of factors like your audience, product, information as well as a platform. Shorter videos are recommended for Facebook or Instagram while there are no restrictions for YouTube.
  6. Adding a call to action that can be like or share button, visit URL, download app, or a number to gives users a way to connect with you. Allow them Comments, share, likes and messages to get their feedback.
  7. Know about the audience: Now each video platform has a specific audience they cater to and offer paid marketing to target sections, communities, age groups, interested-based choices. Build mobile-responsive videos to attend to the large section of today’s modern population.
  8. Have some basic information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for adding an effective title, detailed description, social media handles, include related keywords, and more information to keep the users connected with your videos. Even search engines have dedicated video-based functionalities to get inside top ranking for specific keywords.
  9. There are several free and paid video tools and software to craft new original videos. Adobe Spark, Biteable, RIPL, etc that you can use efficiently to add information in various styles to gain huge online attention.



With 2022 around the corner, Videos Marketing has shown a lot of promises and the trend looks to be quite optimistic. With technology advancement and ease of accessing the internet at high speed, Videos are the topmost choices for marketing and to learn video marketing you must check our complete Digital Marketing Training Course having video marketing at its core topmost module where we teach how to build and scale your video marketing game.

Although short videos are more trending with high user engagement but the demand for long purposeful videos will stay in the market whereas the trend of live videos has further helped video marketing to reach unprecedented heights. As top celebrities and influencers share their activities with followers for gaining attention from online users.

So if you are building marketing strategies then make sure to add Videos as one of the effective ways for engagement, traffic, and attention from millions of users online. If you are looking for more creative videos and performance-based solutions then PIMS is always here to help!

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