8 Best Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube You Must Subscribe Right Now

Learning digital marketing is extremely easy. There are various sources to do the same. You can opt for an online digital marketing course, blogs, books, YouTube videos etc. YouTube is an extremely useful resource. You can find a lot of valuable videos on YouTube that can help you uplift your knowledge about digital marketing. Unlike online courses, you don’t have to pay for them. These videos are freely accessible at anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a laptop or a phone with a good internet connection. But how will you find the right channel for digital marketing? Undeniably, the YouTube platform is filled with huge content and finding the right one is a bit difficult. Some Channels on youtube just show clickbait graphics with no information inside. So here we have tried to compile a list of the best YouTube channels you should follow for digital marketing.


Neil Patel is a popular digital marketer and a YouTuber. He is New Yorks’s best-selling author and counted in top influencers on the web. He started his Youtube channel in 2011. He currently has 835K subscribers and 670 videos on Youtube. You will get a lot of quality videos on email marketing, SEO, Instagram, content marketing, affiliated marketing and much more. He always provides valuable and informative videos with the exact content you are eyeing for.


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Gary Vaynerchuk is a widely followed YouTube influencer with around 2.98 Million subscribers and 2.4K videos. The Name of his YouTube channel is GaryVee. He is the chairman of VaynerX and the active CEO of VaynerMedia. Along with this, he is 5 time New York bestselling author and public speaker. His channel is a complete package for an entrepreneur. He provides a lot of valuable videos in the field of digital marketing.

3. Ahrefs

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Ahrefs has currently 206K subscribers and 190 amazing videos on his YouTube window. He starts posting videos on YouTube in 2015. This channel provides you with a lot of informative videos on SEO tutorials that you must follow if you desire to grow organic search traffic on google. You can see videos related to keywords, SEO audit, content marketing, SEO tools, WordPress SEO etc. on his YouTube channel. No matter you are looking for videos for beginner SEO or technical SEO, this is a place where you can get what you want.

4. Moz

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Moz YouTube channel has about 74.2 K subscribers and 611 videos. This YouTube channel is stated in 2012. It has maximum videos on this channel is related to SEO. Their videos will provide tips, tricks and strategies associated with the improvisation of search engine optimization and content marketing. This window is best suited for beginners.

5. Semrush

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Semrush is a very well-known YouTube channel with approx. 79.4K subscribers and more than 400 videos. Here, you will find loads of videos on SEO, YouTube optimization, backlinks, LinkedIn, quora, content marketing, etc. These videos are highly relevant, informative and to the point. They are generally related to tips and tutorials. If you are the one, who want to explore various branches of digital marketing then this is a suitable spot for you.


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Hotspot is an American software marketing company. They started their youtube channel in 2007. They provide short, interesting and significant videos related to digital marketing on youtube. Currently, they have 133K subscribers and around 970 videos on youtube. They provide high-quality content associated with digital marketing. Some of their videos are related to artificial intelligence, social media marketing and brand designing.

7. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain started his youtube page in 2007. He is a digital marketing trainer, speaker, author, professor from India. He runs an agency called echoVME in Chennai. At present, he has 108K subscribers and 320 videos on his youtube channel. He provides helpful content related to digital marketing.



Some of his videos are related to Instagram marketing and personal branding, Facebook marketing, blogging tips and tricks etc. If you are the one who is planning to expand your startup through digital marketing than you should check out his channel. These are the some YouTube channel you should subscribe for digital marketing. No matter, you are a beginner or a digital marketer, these channels will help you to expand your knowledge in the field of digital marketing. These channels contain everything from tips & tricks to tutorials. All you have to do is open your YouTube and check out their video.

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