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Google Adwords


So you want to get AdWords certified? This article aims to give you information on everything you need to know about how to become Google AdWords Certified Professional.
A Google AdWords certification is a vital document for people because it is one of the few standardized ways in which to prove a precise level of data or topical connection.
While it isn’t an associate degree, it needs a certain level of work learning the ideas or expertise in everyday AdWords used to attain.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords certification is a process by which Google acknowledges marketers as specialists in online advertising. After passing two AdWords certification exams, people get a customized certificate and seem on a Google Partners public profile page. The certification program used to be a standalone program and had a cost attached to taking exams. That changed with the creation of the Google Partners program.
Individual certification still works in very much the same way it did some years agone. However, being exclusively offered within the Google Partners program is often confusing for people and students who aren’t currently working for or affiliated with a Google Partner agency. An AdWords certification permits people to demonstrate that Google acknowledges them as associate knowledgeable in online advertising.

#Cost of Google AdWords Certification Exam:

Previously it was a standalone program and a price connected to taking the examinations. The Google AdWords exam fee was around $50 or $100 at first. But, luckily the exam can be taken free from price, but there are some time constraints.


#How the AdWords certification works

When you set up an Academy for Ads account, you will get access to the free AdWords certification assessments and connected learning ways that you simply will use to check for the assessments.
To become AdWords certified, you would like to pass the AdWords Fundamentals assessment and one of all the extra advertising assessments that are offered through the Academy for Ads. If you are a working professional or a Fresher then passing Google Adwords exams helps you to get a hike up your salary up to 50% in your CTC/package because after passing the examination you will be called as a Google partner.


AdWords Exam Requirements:

The examinations embrace online multiple-choice questions and to urge AdWords certified, you have to pass two exams. One is Google AdWords Fundamentals communication, and also the alternative one is of your selection below:
• Search Ads
• Display Ads
• Mobile Ads
• Video Ads
• Shopping Ads

Time Duration :

This stepwise guide gives a walkthrough of the best approach to get AdWords ensured inside the present Google Partner program since it might be a confusing strategy once doing it for the essential time.

Step 1: Create or Select Your Google Account

Step 2: Join Google Partners

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

Step 4: Prepare for Exams

Step 5: Pass Fundamentals Exam + One Additional Exam


Note that on the off chance that you neglect to pass an exam, there’s a holding-up period before you can retry. That’s the only real penalty to not passing. Be sure to specialize in the AdWords Fundamentals communicating and prepare consequently as that communicating is needed for certification and you want to pass it.

If you pass it and fail one in each of the secondary exams, you’ll be able to still get certified inside the waiting amount bypassing one in each of the opposite exams offered

#1. Google Analytics Certification

Google analytics

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a show of capability in Google Analytics that is accessible to any person who has passed the Google Analytics appraisal. You can acquire the affirmation through Academy for Ads.

#2. Mobile – Sites Certification

Mobile Sites 1

The Mobile Sites confirmation evaluation is intended to test your insight into portable site advancement. You’ll have to pass the Mobile Sites evaluation to end up noticeably affirmed in Mobile Sites.

#3. Adwords Video Certification

video certificate

In case you’re an office or web-based publicizing proficient gaining practical experience in a video promoting effort administration, consider taking the Video Advertising evaluation to exhibit your mastery.

#4. Google Shopping Certification

Adwords shopping certification

In case you’re an office or internet promoting proficient gaining practical experience in Merchant Center and Shopping effort administration, consider taking the Shopping Advertising appraisal to show your ability.

#5. Digital – Sales Certification

Digital sales

The Digital Sales appraisal is intended to test your insight into web-based publicizing fundamental ideas and deals abilities. It evaluates how successful you are in pitching Google’s computerized answers for customers.

#6. Adwords Search Certification

Adword search certification

The Search Advertising evaluation covers essential and propelled ideas, including best practices for making, overseeing, estimating, and advancing hunt advertisement battles over the Search Network

#7. Adwords Mobile Certification

Adwords mobile certification

The Mobile Advertising appraisal covers the essential and propelled ideas of versatile publicizing, including advertisement organizations, offering and focusing on, and battle estimation and streamlining.

#8. Adwords Display Certification

Adwods display certification 1

The Display Advertising evaluation covers propelled ideas and best practices for making, overseeing, estimating, and enhancing Display battles.

#9. Adwords Fundamentals Certification


The AdWords Fundamentals evaluation covers essential and halfway ideas, including the advantages of web-based publicizing and AdWords, and best practices for overseeing and upgrading AdWords battles.


Once you’ve completed your certification, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Make note of when your exam certifications expire so you can renew in time. Beyond AdWords, the Google Analytics exam is also part of the Google Partner program, as well as some newer certifications on mobile sites and digital sales. Depending on your role and career path, these can be great additional certifications and specializations to attain as well.

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