Future of Digital Marketing | 11 Online Marketing Trends Going to Rule in 2022

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Interested in Digital Marketing? So you should also learn about the future of Digital Marketing Career for Professionals, agencies & businesses in 2021.

With the rapid growth in new technologies, Digital Marketing has grown up remarkably to keep up with the challenges of modern online platforms and user experience. The presence of Social media and influencer market has surged up in parallel with the increase of top personalities and their respective effect on followers.

Automation has reached a new high, mobile search, voice search, machine learning, and artificial intelligence opened a new side of digital marketing that was never seen before. We are embarked upon a path of technology-based marketing that offers a unique and highly user-oriented solution.

Digital Marketing involves a lot of fundamentals – starting from SEO, Social Media, Organic and Paid market, PPC, Content marketing, lead generation, etc. PIMS Digital Marketing Institute in Noida recommends a systematic Digital Marketing course for new age amateurs to understand the learning curve in this emerging industry.

Future of digital marketing hot trends for 2021

With the year 2021, In this blog, we are going to share the future of digital marketing and hot trends that will rule the industry in the upcoming future.

Programmatic Advertising



What Is Programmatic Advertising

With machines now taking over capabilities to guide on marketing solutions. Programmatic advertising is among the latest trends and can become the future of Digital Marketing taking the major share of the ads placement.

It is based on real-time bidding and uses artificial intelligence to find the right targets, location, and specific users that have a high chance of conversion for your products or services. This automation offers is quick, proficient, and complements with lowered costs to give marketers benefits in every aspect.

Some of the deep insights into user lifestyle, habits, behavior are taken into factors to show them the corresponding ads.

Voice Search

With more than Billion searches every month from the January 2018 figure, estimates show that it will reach 50% by 2021 taking the major part of the search engines. As users are now mostly on their smartphone or handheld devices with internet accessibility. Rather than typing, they like to speak the questions into the devices to get the answers.

Although most of these searched are daily routines but new patterns are emerging now. Voice Shopping is another trend that grew considerably as a part of these voice-enabled searches. The use of home-based smart speakers is the latest trend enjoyed by people globally. The rise of home smart speakers shows some unprecedented results that are supposed to increase from 13% in 2017 to 55% in 2021 in all US homes.


Most of the top online platforms have now started using chatbots to handle guest queries. As online user-based grows these queries will provide users with regular answers for most of the questions keeping users focussed on their services and get them the preferential treatment they deserve.

There will not be any queue and answers are more likely to give users the right solutions for general questions. This automation has shown a completely new remarkable solution for large online businesses to give customer-based specific answers right away.

In E-Commerce, as users are often confused before buying any product to understand their specifics these answers will provide them with quality solutions for giving businesses more profits.

AI and Machine Learning

In simpler and regular jobs machine learning-based algorithms are going to have a huge effect on digital marketing. These machines are better equipped to understand user behavior and search thousands of patterns to find more interesting users for their products or services.

Local language processing, financial fraud detection, chatbots, automatic payment handlings, programmatic advertising, voice search, and IOT (Internet of Things) is now part of the businesses in terms. Newer methods are continuously searched to add machine learning for effective use.

More Targeted Advertising

With sophisticated technologies, the newest metrics have been defined. These patterns are derived from live data on specific hobbies, categories, and behaviors. Online Campaigns are now already using more than 100 configurations to target online users.

Gender, age, hobbies, job profiles, availability, education, category-based, location-wise, time, placements, sites, mobile, desktop, and numerous offer a sophisticated way to target more specifically. Algorithms are continuously finding a newer pattern to be used among the configurations.

It is one of the significant trends that has seen vast improvements in the last few years and the trend is likely to show further progress next year too.

AR VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

These two are the latest addition to the technological front that has gained a lot of attraction from major companies around the world. With their development process easing companies are shifting their focus on using virtual reality to give users more enhanced experience of their products and services.

These immersion technologies give a completely new experience for users to drive their marketing campaigns. IT companies are now building online and mobile app platforms based on these AR/VR technologies so new-age marketing professionals need to customize their strategies to include these futuristic solutions.

Interactive Content

Time for old classical and traditional content is outdated now. You have to be more creative to reach a wider audience in today’s world. GIF, animation, videos, infographics, and images with content are more recognized by search engines.

These catchy lines and titles are used as part of content marketing techniques. Demand for original, fresh, and unique content has vastly improved in the last few years to build an industry in itself. Taboola and Outbrain are two of the largest content discovery platform that has more than a trillion impressions daily. Viral marketing and growth hacking are now among the part of the Digital Marketing strategies.


A personalized experience is the latest trend where businesses offer their clients a more appealing and satisfying environment. Customers are also looking for products or services that give them a personalized experience based on their purchase history, hobbies, interests, and preference only.

They are more likely to read those personalized emails, check the information to buy the products from branded sites. These are creatively designed in a story, videos, and offer them to customize their purchase in every aspect.

Video Marketing

Videos are among the favorite for users all around the world. Whether you be a toddler or grown-up adult this informational content provides users to connect with thousands of viewers in one go. With live videos now part of every social media platform, this trend is likely to contribute to the be part of the Digital Marketing techniques.

Top media personalities, events, and celebrities are often seen promoting their brand or services on live video to gain attention from users all around the world. Viral mobile apps like Tik-Tok with billions of users now offer advertising platforms to promote businesses online.

Influencer Marketing

Another trend that is going to hugely affect Digital Marketing is Influencer Marketing. Social media with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc have top celebrities and personalities profile having millions of follower that read their posts regularly.

Businesses and promoters use these influencer accounts to test their new product, clothing line, and other services to be part of this large sharing communities. Few of the young millennia have even built their careers as influencer celebrities with a lot of success.

Digital Marketers are using these personalities to promote client products strategically to generate online leads and take businesses to newer heights.

Data-Driven Approach

Data is one of the most precious values in the current market standards. Each strategy is now built using these metrics and insights. Most of the top advertising platforms today Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc now use these millions of users’ behavior and experience to run specific ad campaigns.

This data-driven approach is more precise and uses enhanced information to predict better outcomes. Today’s market is more result-oriented and marketers need to focus on these data to find patterns that lead to higher leads for specific businesses.


Final Thoughts

As a thumb rule, marketing is always changing as per the user needs, and similarly, we can conclude that Digital Marketing is constantly improvising. New technologies are offering profound user experience and these ideas become part of the marketing for the subsequent next generation. These popular trends show us the path of evolution in Digital Marketing for the year 2021.


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