How to make money using flipkart affiliate marketing in 2022 ?

Flipkart affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is among the most efficient ways to earn money in digital marketing, as long as you have sufficient traffic. In India, for instance, many bloggers, webmasters, and YouTube users make massive amounts of money via affiliate links on popular E-commerce websites like Flipkart. 

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing refers to the method of earning a fee through the selling and promotion of different items available on Flipkart.

As the most renowned E-commerce business, Flipkart in India needs no introduction. Shopping online and Flipkart are practically identical in India, and the well-known online store has everything that a modern Indian requires. All kinds of things are available on this website, from electronics to fashion and beauty to baby-care products.

However, creating an affiliate account is difficult for someone not experienced, let alone placing the links on the website. 


About Flipkart Affiliate Program 


Flipkart affiliate program works similarly to other affiliate programs. Your role as the affiliate partner is to aid Flipkart increase sales. In return, you’ll be compensated by Flipkart by way of commissions, and this gives you the chance to earn money from affiliate marketing.

You’re aware that Flipkart offers a variety of items, and the items are generally separated into distinct categories. If you assist with Flipkart affiliate links and sell its items, you will earn an exact percentage of Flipkart’s profits. The Flipkart Affiliate Commission differs according to the type of product you sell.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission ranges from 1% to 15% of the price.

Affiliate programs from e-commerce websites are the best methods to earn money online. All you need is web traffic along with an account in a bank.

If you meet these basic requirements, you can join any site that offers affiliate marketing programs.

Flipkart associate program is among the most popular online marketplaces in India. Its products range from electronics fashion, home decor, gaming, and baby care to cars, sports, and even books. For shopping or selling, affiliate marketing, or even sales or affiliate marketing, Flipkart can meet every expectation.

A number of affiliate marketers have earned significant profits by advertising Flipkart Affiliate Program on their websites. Flipkart is a great place to showcase your brand and boost sales.

If you are having trouble creating the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing accounts, this blog article is perfect. The only thing you need to do is read the entire article slowly to understand each step clearly. We’ll start with the fundamentals!


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is described as a type of marketing arrangement in which an online retailer like Flipkart, in our case, pay commissions to a website that has generated traffic & sale for Flipkart through referral links. Setting up affiliate hyperlinks on your site or blog doesn’t usually require any investment, but the rewards are impressive.

Why should you choose to join the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program?


1.) Wide Variety of Products

Flipkart has a broad selection of items, including mobile phones, televisions, sports clothing and equipment. Each blogger will find items on Flipkart that are related to their site. For instance, if you own your own blog/website discussing smartphones, you may include purchase links for those you consider important. If someone who visits your site purchases the phone via the link you have on your website, you get a good percentage of the purchase.


2.) A higher conversion rate than other affiliate networks.

Flipkart isn’t just a shopping site on the internet; it’s a brand by itself, which symbolizes trustworthiness and creates an impression of immediate trust in the brain of its customers. So, customers don’t have doubts about purchasing from Flipkart. This trust factor implies that more customers are likely to click on the affiliate links you provide and purchase. In turn, Flipkart Affiliate Network offers a more profitable conversion rate.


3.) The dedicated Affiliate Panel that has powerful tools

Flipkart has a dedicated affiliate panel with live updates. They have a reputation for promptly & on-time payments and has excellent customer service. In addition, Flipkart provides you with numerous additional tools to ensure a flawless experience.


What is the amount of commission that Flipkart Affiliate Network pays?


Flipkart will pay commission based on the category of the item it sells. Here’s the amount of commission you’ll get for every category:

1.) Home (Home decor, furniture for home furnishings, kitchen appliances, home improvement cooking equipment, pet food, pet toys, and more. ): 15%

2.) Furniture (Bed, sofa cabinet for shoe tables for coffee, kitchen cabinets, Bookshelf, Bean Bag etc. ): 10%

3) General and Books (Books and personal care items, media and sports, baby care etc. ): 15%

4) Small appliances for the home (Fans geysers warmers, coolers in rooms microwave the electric kettle, mixer grinder, etc. ): 8%

5.) Electronic Devices and Accessories (Powerbanks Mobile cases cameras, laptops, desktops) 5%

6.) Big Appliances (Refrigerators TV and Machines for washing, Machine as well as Air Conditioners) 4%

7.) The categories of Fashion and Lifestyle (Clothing belts and wallets watches, bags, shoes and accessories, synthetic jewellery) 4.4%

8.) Mobile phones in general: 1.1%

9.) Gemstones, Gold and Silver coins: 0.1%

Note: The exact percentage amount you earn will be shared during the payment time. Flipkart has the power to alter the commission rates of affiliates at any time, without prior notice.


The requirements for enrolment in the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program


You must be able to meet the following criteria to join and earn rewards through the Flipkart Affiliate Network:


  • A website
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Information (For withdrawal)
  • A canceled check
  • Address Documentation

How to begin with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

We’ve broken down the entire process of onboarding into a few steps to help greater understanding:

How to build High Quality backlinks 3

1.) Join to be an affiliate for an account.

Visit and fill in a small registration form that will ask for your email id and mobile number.

You’ll be required to confirm your email address and mobile number using OTPs.

After you’ve done this, you will be asked to accept Flipkart’s terms & conditions.


Click on Register!

You will receive an individual tracking ID when your registration is completed. Flipkart will utilize this tracking ID to track the traffic to your site.

2.) Create your affiliate account.

Flipkart will require you to complete the following forms to create your account:


  1. A) Account

Your full name

The country of your residence

Your full address


  1. B) Website

Input the URL of your website in the ‘website information’ section. If you don’t have a site, purchase one, and the hosting service is necessary.


  1. C) Payment

Indian citizens must use the same name as they carry this on their passports. Choose ‘organization’ if you create your Flipkart affiliate account on behalf of your company, or select the individual option.

In addition, to withdraw your earnings, you will need to choose a preferred method- EFT and EGV. If you select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can take your money after you have reached that threshold of INR 5,000. Alternately, you can withdraw your earnings using the form of an Electronic Gift Voucher (EGV) with a minimum amount is INR 2,500. You can also redeem your EGVs to purchase your favorite items listed on Flipkart, the website itself.

You need to upload a canceled check and bank account information to withdraw affiliate earnings via EFT. EFT route. There is no need for cheques or bank account information if you plan to use the EGV route.


3.) Choose Your Category

Picking your category – or selecting an area of interest will be the following step. The topic you choose must be well-synchronized with the content on your site. For instance, if you write about phones or technology, your affiliate links must be tied to buying the identical. It is not possible to earn a good income by putting links to books or makeup products because your audience is only interested in mobile phones and other electronic products (in this instance).


4.) Making Affiliate Links

You can make affiliate links for Flipkart products using the dashboard. All you need to do is copy the link for the products you want to promote on your blog or YouTube channel, then paste it into the “Affiliate Link Generator Tool” and then click “Go”. If a customer purchases using your affiliate links, you’ll get a percentage of the sale in the table above.



There you have it, my dears! We wish you all the results you’re hoping for through this Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program. In the meantime, you should keep improving your digital marketing abilities to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors. If you’re looking to increase your expertise in the field of affiliate marketing, We at PIMS have a fantastic training of digital marketing course that covers every one of its aspects.

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