Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is by far the best tool for marketing that not only reaches a large number of audiences but also receives prompt reaction from the viewers. Everyone in today’s world are using Internet. Therefore is the fastest route of communication. Businesses and customers can communicate easily with these mediums.

Digital marketing best works for start-ups as it provides the biggest platform to launch their product. It is very important to get your marketing strategies straight before going further into business. It is the pillar that holds the business and its customers together.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategies are the planned actions that are laid down to achieve a company’s goals and increase its sales. It takes place through a marketing channel and the plans are put to action. The strategies make use of digital media to spread the word and receive responses from the viewers of their action.

Given below is a list of digital marketing strategies that marketers can use to help a business grow and expand:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization refers to the strategy of using keywords in your content that is most likely to be searched by any person. It is basically used to increase traffic on a website. The most searched words on search engines are put together in a website so that the spider crawls to your website and shows it in the top results of any search engine.


Content Marketing (blogging and writing articles)

This is the strategy that makes use of relevant and consistent content to attract masses. Companies send their information that they want to spread and the content marketer manipulate words to create a pretty looking content and put it up on their official site. The content marketers are very smart in portraying even negative parts of a company in a positive manner.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

In this type of marketing, sponsored sites put up advertisements of your company and on every click on that website, the sponsored site receives money. The best part about this strategy is that you are purely paying for the performance seen which means that the website gets money only if the viewer clicks on their advertisement and actually visits their site.


Viral Marketing

The most effective tool is word of mouth. It is most effective because the word is spread through known people and therefore the trust level on the person reflects on the trust over the product. Viral marketing is similar except the word spread across the interconnected social networking sites and platforms. Just like a video gets viral over night, a marketing campaign can get viral overnight. The more a video is shared, the more is the response. The amazing part is that the responses can be recorded with the views.


Online advertising

For your brand to flourish, it needs to be seen by the world. The brand names that come to our mind directly are the ones whose advertisements have made a place in our brain. Brand awareness and advertising tools are combined to create a brand advertisement that is portrayed all over the social media. Online advertising should be simple to understand and should create such an impact on the viewer that he/she is inclined to buy the product immediately.


Web PR

Business has moved online which is why every company requires a Public Relations team to maintain their image and credibility of the company. Web PR is the PR that uses digital media to implement its strategies. The job of a PR is to rectify the bad image of a company and improve the goodwill of that firm. PR’s job is also one to manipulate words to portray negative parts as positive. Online press releases must gain traffic on your site and that is the work of a good PR.


Email marketing

Direct marketing with the use of email is also very effective. It gives a personal touch to the messages as it addresses individuals individually. With a correctly built mailing list, you have direct contact with your consumers and that allows you to build a strong relationship with your customers. Email marketing is about capitalising relationships and making the bonds even more stronger with the help of marketing tools. For example the regular customers can receive more benefits from the company and get special discounts or vouchers on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries.



Marketing has been around for forever now. Be it 1000 years before or 20 years after, marketing has been seen in some form or the other. With the world turning into a global village, digital marketing strategies are the only saviours of your business. The methods of marketing that are used to promote your company defines your company itself.



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