Digital Marketing Interview with DP Vishwakarma

DP Vishwakarma

Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy (PIMS) has recently conducted an Interview with DP Vishwakarma, Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of SEO Agency, KeywordsFly & BloggerWlogger- a striving platform for bloggers. 

Q1. What made you join the Digital Marketing Industry?

DP Vishwakarma:  Unfortunately, I am an Electrical Engineer with the least passion for going to technical fields. After completing my engineering, I was just clueless about my career. It was crystal clear to me that engineering was not my cup of tea, especially electrical engineering. This is when I discovered the vast possibilities in the Digital Marketing field. While I was searching for jobs on the internet, I was introduced to SEO. I was amazed to see the way websites rank up on the search engines. I was totally influenced by the beauty of Digital marketing as well as its vast scope in freelancing, starting your own startup and huge job options available in the sector. The very particular moment I decided to pursue my career as a digital marketer. 

Q2. Tell me about your career background? 

DP Vishwakarma: Graduated as an Electrical Engineer from KIET Ghaziabad, I started my career as a Sales and Marketing Associate at the age of 17 in a Network Marketing company on a part-time basis. I was sure to not work as an ‘Electrical engineer’. I wasn’t selected for a technical Job through campus placement interviews.

Unfortunately or you can say fortunately I became an engineer clueless about what to do. At the same time, I got many jobs in hardcore marketing & sales because of 4-year experience in MLM business. I left all these jobs because I wanted something different in my life. After a break of a few months, I joined a course in Digital Marketing and thereafter started as a Social Media Marketer for an e-commerce company.  Today, I consider myself lucky to be listed as a leading position of Digital Marketing Consultant in India on Google. Presently I own a successful:

  • Digital Marketing Agency~ KeywordsFly- the top & most rapidly growing Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, India.
  • a striving Blogging platform- BloggerWlogger,
  • A Personal Blog, created with the vision to offer a free learning platform to share my ideas & thoughts in the most appealing way. The platform helps bloggers & digital marketers and teaches them for insane traffic & generating revenue, and
  • Few more startups

Q3. For you, how different is digital marketing from the traditional way of marketing?

DP Vishwakarma: Television, Newspapers, Radio, Flyers, and billboards by the roads and highways & Ads that we see in weekly magazines are all a form of traditional marketing which is still in continuation for some of the industries. Digital marketing, on the other hand, makes use of platforms like Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Business networking sites like LinkedIn, Promotional ads via emails, Paid pop-ups, Blogs & Articles. You can consider Digital or online marketing as the mode of the global village. In this era of Technology & Internet, Digital form of marketing works significantly fast as compared to the traditional one and can help you drive insane traffic & leads if used & applied correctly.

Q4. Explain the things you do for monetizing?

DP Vishwakarma:  For monetization, I do a lot of things and work on active & passive income both. Some of the ways include:

    1. Consulting Services- This is one of the best & most result-oriented ways to monetize my blog. I am offering Digital Marketing consultancy services for businesses & individuals.
    2. Running a few service-based companies (KeywordsFly & CodexFly)We are offering consulting and digital marketing services through my company with the help of expert digital marketers in our team. We’re really good at SEO Marketing, Facebook & Google Ad Campaign Management, App & Website Development, and Content Writing.
    3. Affiliate Marketing– Recommending a company’s products or services to my audience on my website can get me to earn a commission on any resulting sales.
    4. Email marketing– Build a strong bond with my readers, sell them the course of marketing along with affiliate offers directly through email.
    5. Draft & Sell EBooks- Write, draft & publish e-books that are aligned with the content of my blog. I have a good amount of readers; it’s likely that the eBook will produce a healthy profit for me.


  • Created popular startups like- BloggerWlogger, WeLiveOnce, ErbiumCoin, BucksBank, KeywordsFly (SEO Tools), MillionsMantra, and StylishApes. 


Q5. How would you describe digital marketing to someone who is completely new to the Industry?

DP Vishwakarma: Let us understand Digital Marketing this way- In the old days, you put an advert in a newspaper, TV or radio station and you had no means of measuring how many people had actually seen or heard about your product, or how they interacted with your brand before making a purchase. The same way Digital marketing works. It’s just a newer & advanced version of traditional marketing. We can use an internet audience for marketing at Digital space. 

Q6. How do you acquire new skills related to Digital Marketing that aid your career growth?

DP Vishwakarma: I participated in the Certified Digital Marketing Course in 2016 while I was jobless and confused about my career. The confusion because of not knowing the proper use of skills. I am good at sketching graphics, Good at marketing and sales (worked almost 4 year in MLM), good at blogging and presentation, good at website and mobile app project designing but altogether what I  didn’t have was- the right guidance on how I can use all these skills for my career or business! 

This is when the Digital Marketing course helped me. After completing my digital marketing training, I got to see a clear path and know-how of where I can use all my skills to achieve a great career ahead. These are the ‘must to acquire skills’ of Digital Marketing that can aid your career growth-

  • Find your exact interest among various fields of Digital Marketing
  • Get started with regular Blog writing (including SEO writing, Copywriting, Social Media Writing)
  • Start using all free and paid tools and apply them practically on a live project 
  • Follow all top influencers & go through their tutorials content 
  • Follow top blogs (for latest update and news)
  • Find your mentor & follow his footprints
  • Last but not least- Read Marketing books for a better understanding of the latest Marketing & Business tactics.


Q7. In your view, what are the future possibilities of Digital Marketing? 

DP Vishwakarma: Digital Marketing industry has already created & is still creating huge opportunities for everyone. You can become a freelancer, working from home as a part-time job, start your own venture/company, or get a good job in an MNC with an excellent salary. It’s a very demanding profile nowadays. As an entrepreneur, you can increase your online presence through proper Digital Marketing techniques.

Internet being the future, Digital Media helps people connect worldwide. There’s no doubt about that. It is the way we will be communicating with each other in the future.

Q8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

DP Vishwakarma: It’s nearly impossible to predict the future. But yes, I am working very hard to reach my career and business to the top level. Presently I am fully into internet marketing & enjoy building my client’s businesses with my learned techniques. Looking at the current scenario of my work progress, I am confident to reach a satisfactory level of renowned internet marketer in the world within 5 years.

Q9.Why do you think about certification and hands-on training important for Digital Marketing?

DP Vishwakarma: Definitely, certifications, practical skills, and hands-on training will help establish the base for your Digital Marketing skills & knowledge. For me, taking a course in digital marketing is totally worth it if you want to sharpen up your blunt edges of Digital Marketing skills.

Q10. What do you think about PIMS as a Digital Marketing course provider?

DP Vishwakarma: PIMS is playing an important role in creating talented digital marketing professionals. Their course content for digital marketing is wholesome and hands-on. With PIMS, aspiring digital marketers can have great career options and they can choose various digital marketing certification courses from SEO Analyst, Social Media Manager to PPC Expert and Google Ads, Expert. PIMS has a team of highly experienced marketing professionals who will help you reach your goals with their vast knowledge and hands-on practical training. The institute offers you an opportunity to get the best jobs after the completion of this course.

PIMS is also doing excellent work by publishing interviews of experienced Digital Marketing professionals to help beginners getting quick tips from professionals and stay focused on this path of their career.

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