Career Prospects with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career Oppotunities

After the dot com bubble, the Internet became a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone was using the internet for communicating, sharing, working, gaming, application and much more. Every brick and mortar business transformed into online platforms to expand their services & products on a global scale. Now the competition between the same competitors began at a rapid pace. Search Engines adding newer algorithms every year to expand their methodologies. Soon the artificial Intelligence and machine learning became the foundation for ranking and ads promotion.

 Digital Marketing Career


All promotion methods, tools, and techniques applied to internet-based businesses are termed as Digital marketing. Many new concepts have come as the industry grew larger and larger. Although still a growing field, Digital Marketing has become a huge umbrella under which SEO, PPC, SMO, SME, SMM, SEM, Email Marketing, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Remarketing, Search advertising, Display advertising, and many more fields come together.

Digital Marketing

Rise of E-Commerce, Social media platform and other mobile app-based platforms have increases the online user base in millions every second. Digital marketing uses automated programs to target audience based on their searches, views, and interests. This established digital marketing as one of the sustained industry that will continue to rise for years to come.

At PIMS we understand that Digital Marketing field is still evolving in India. There are many opportunities there for youngsters to have a fulfilling career in this modern industry. Here are short descriptions of roles and responsibilities for career prospects related to digital marketing.

digital marketing job opportunities


Here are the 10 Digital Marketing Career Opportunities:


SEO Trainee/Specialists:


One of the initial positions often characterized by freshers who are hired as a trainee in the beginning. They must get themselves aware of the daily work being done for promoting websites. Seniors must provide them with effective steps for their learning curve and offer their assistance whenever they get stuck. Link building is their main activity along with social media posts, group sharing and understands how to build reports. After acquiring skills and experience they can apply as SEO specialists who can manage multiple sites single-handedly. SEO keyword planning, white hat, and black hat techniques are some of the other learning curves, trainee undergoes during this phase to understand the whole concept of Digital Marketing.

Content Writer / Copywriter / Strategist:

Content Writer

Another Job title that has been created to fulfill the need for content requirements in the Digital industry. They are an important aspect of the Digital marketing industry now as Search engines emphasize on crafting unique and fresher content for better ranking. Catchy and promotional lines are often used in the e-commerce industry to get higher leads. Businesses are looking to publish more information based blogs and article attracting more users attention. Engagement to content is also a factor that judges the user experience for online platforms. A large website requires specific planning and strategy to get a better impression on Search engines. Content Strategist plans these writings based on the company profile, niche, trends, and keyword research.

Content Marketing:

content marketing

Content marketing offers a unique way to divert traffic based on the user’s interest. So content is used as marketing material to promote further content. There are many content marketing platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, Marketo, etc that offers a huge market for publishers and businesses to be part of their system in exchanging traffic. They have their algorithms and platform which runs their campaign based on the requirements. Students looking to opt this option must familiarise themselves with rules, configurations and setting for running a smart campaign to divert traffic smoothly.

Digital Marketing Executive

One of the most common beginner-level job descriptions for this field. Role and responsibilities can vary based on the organization one are working for. It generally includes handling the on-page requirements related to writing effective titles, meta description, adding keyword-based headings, highlighting texts with bold, italics and quoting the important aspects inside the landing pages. Link building, post and promote content on high authoritative sites, tracking keyword status and working on SEO strategies as detailed out by their team leaders or supervisors. As their skills and experience grow they are involved in building reports, analyzing traffic and communicating with clients to take on bigger challenges in their digital marketing career.

Social Media Executive/ Manager

Social Media has multiplied its online presence to millions of millions of users every second across the globe. Businesses have their pages, portfolios, and shops on these platforms offering their products and services to users. Both organic and paid promotion methods are there in Social media where businesses can boost their website online presence for getting higher leads. A professional working in Social media must be aware of the latest updates and changes to offer better solutions for businesses. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc are some of the most famous platforms where millions of users are online every second. These platforms are used for diverting both organic and paid traffic to specific sites for promoting products to the interested users.

PPC/SEM Expert

Paid Per Click Experts or the Search Engine Marketing is one prospect that deals with all the techniques applied for promoting websites on various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These ad programs are highly sophisticated and use machine learning in their programming to find interested users to target their ads. Graphic, videos and text ads are used to entice users to check their business promotion. Individuals must use their skills and experience for building precise campaigns, tracking leads and effective client communication to grow in their professional career.


A freeway to work from home and handling clients on a remote basis has given rise to Freelancing as one of the viable options for new age professionals. Availability of high-speed internet from home and able to work round the clock are two major factors that attract youngsters to choose freelancing career. Freelancing also allows individuals to enhance their options, work on multiple projects, communicate directly with clients and earn huge. Individuals and experts can work on their other projects simultaneously to have a long sustainable career in their field making the proficient use of their time to uplift their career to new heights.

SEO Webmaster

This profile of Digital Marketing deals with all the technicalities for submitting site to search engines. There are many search engines used by people all over the world. Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc are few of the top search engines. For promoting website one needs to prepare websites with original and fresh content before submitting them to the search engines. Analyst checks the website performance based on their organic and paid traffic for advising on the changes to improve further. Page speed, AMP(Accelerated mobile pages), mobile responsive, text size, font, multiple language tracking for landing pages, linking status to other sites, indexing of website on the search engine, sitemap building and submission are some of the main responsibilities associated with this job profile

Project Manager / Digital Marketing Manager

Top IT companies dealing with digital marketing have specific Managerial posts to handle their teams and working on multiple projects. This job deals with communicating with clients, planning, and execution of the strategies. Using their skills and experience to advise on projects, communicating with clients, understanding their needs, and assisting team member on the various elements related to Digital Marketing.


Many Digital Marketing professionals use their skills and experience to kick start their startups. Unique and innovative ideas drive market growth for the future. Any individual can bring their creativity and innovation to lead the next generation for better solutions to the future. Introducing new tools, techniques and marketing solutions will add to your personal as well as business branding too.

On a professional front, there are many opportunities for youngsters to build their career in digital marketing. Students can choose a particular niche from all the above prospects and become an expert for the same. A national-level certification will give them the advantage for background qualification and applying for best positions in the MNC for earning at their optimum level.

As one of the most prestigious institute for learning in Digital Marketing, PIMS offers a comprehensive course for learners and professionals looking to build a career in this industry. Trainers are highly experienced and offer industry know-how to build student platform for a profound base in Digital Marketing.

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