Isn’t number fascinating for Digital Marketer?

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One of my friends was speaking at a prestigious conference and he said he has 2150+ Clients across the world.

I was like … wow!

At the very next moment, I forgot how many clients he has due to some discussions going around.

I put some pressure on my mind but was still unable to recall the number.

Next moment I got the idea to share this blog with you because without this number my friend’s stats and reputations are the same as before.

He is just like any other normal marketer because before the event I was not much aware of his work. When he said then perception came into my mind and number struck my mind strongly and made the authority of the speaker instantly.

Have you ever noticed the Number strategy in digital marketing?

is not numbers fascinating for digital marketers

It’s been 10 years of my Digital Agency providing digital marketing services and serving more than 1000+ famous clients across the world.

Hang on!!

I am talking about Pranav Jha- Who is running a digital marketing agency for the last 10 years i.e, me!

What I said are 10 years!

So what I could have said it’s been 10 years while practicing digital marketing and I have 1000+ famous clients

As an agency owner, I have always felt the number can be really fascinating.

Let’s dive deeper.

  • Invite any candidate in your company be it a client or even a new employee for a job and tell them you have just started an agency and see the reaction.
  • Tell them that you have to work on 1 project only and right now you don’t have many.
  • Now tell the person you have 10 years of experience, have done 50-plus conferences, visited almost all the cities for meeting clients, and bring some big names into your conversation and see the magic.
  • Similarly, you can do this with your clients also when they’ll start asking about your experience. Earlier when I used to meet my clients my conversions to meetings I do was 30-40 % but right now I can convince 80-90% of clients like a breeze.

I am talking about filtered data before the meeting. The reason is simple I have a number with me like 1000+ Clients, offering services in 10+ Countries, having done 50+ conferences, and More than 25+ people working in my team to share my small success story.

This all brings value to my work and business.

Earlier when I started my digital marketing journey most of the meetings I have done by myself so earlier I used to say the number with less confidence because it was less at that time and it was earlier days of my career so Manager or whomsoever I was meeting they used to be like !!

Ohh only this much number of clients, spent on ads, etc.

So having numbers at your end is really important and crucial to coming days in succession.

Running Ecommerce Store or doing dropshipping, can you think of living life without screenshots… (Pun Intended)

One big drop shipper shares 5000+ add to cart and 1 million profit in a month.

People are very much fascinated and you can easily find 100’s of people commenting to help with that.

On the very next day, they share 5 sales in the last 2 hours but the response was not up to the mark. The reason is only a few have the sense to calculate it and go into timing calculation.

Profit gets quadrupled when it’s made in less time because every minute counts and cash is burning in the process.

This shows the audience’s fascination with big numbers daily these days.

We Indians are damn lazy. Please accept!

This means if someone shares a list of the top 10, you will see the same names in the next top 10 lists by someone else soon or at least 60-70% of the same people in the list.

Ab Kaun itni mehnat kare 😉

Insights on one of the client’s websites about numbers

One of my clients in the education segment was hardly having a good number because he has just started his institute after leaving his well-paid high profile job.

Although it’s a big challenge to start an institute or any business after doing 18 years of job because your financial stability is at stake.

He ran it for 1 year and it was going terribly due to a lack of students (business).

He contacted me through one of his common connections and we started working after doing a few days of market research.

It was a big challenge for us to bring something really out of the blue to bring business and marketing dynamics that can appeal to his audience. In simple words, a simple offer that is a no-brainer for students can bring more business with ease.

So we decided on a few numbers of games that helped us in gaining trust and then we achieved around 1 Cr of turnover in only 4 months of work.

Yes, you heard it right!

Factors of our number game

  • We have started showing 18 years of work experience and that makes it more fascinating to learn directly from him.
  • Conducted 10+ workshops of small scale for showing the bigger number of enrollments.
  • Got positive reviews from most of them on Google in a very short span of time because we have offered things at less price with never before the value
  • This makes them 5 Star rated institute in no time.
  • 18 years bring a positive work culture and especially when you have all the top brand names where my client has worked during job tenure.

This really worked well and we built numbers from numbers.

Another Interesting Case Study of PIMS- Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy 

One aspirant visited the institute for admission and Mr. Manish Chauhan has introduced me as a Co-founder of PIMS (Now I joined the team as a Co-founder with him)

I started my interaction and told him that I just joined as a co-founder a month ago.

He was not interested to join us. Trust me!

Then I shared my number story.

I worked on the PIMS website 13 years ago and during those days of my agency career me and Manish Sir had good communication and my team developed a landing page for them that generated around 3700+ Leads overtime resulting in 11000+ students who passed from the institute so far combined from landing page inquiries and other modes of marketing.

My entry is fresh as a Co-founder but the institute is almost finished with 210+ Batches with all the maintained records and I came here to add extra essence to digital marketing learning and bring more positive changes resulting in the growth of the institute.

Now he is our student 🙂


Data wins trust that doesn’t mean someone can fake it and make it as people recommend unethically.


User is very smart and they are ready to ask for proof of it, so if you are sharing incorrect stats then be ready to face more challenges.

When any expert shares their earnings

This is the most controversial thing because people these days keep posting what they’re earning at regular intervals to build some authority among followers and sometimes their approach is genuine also so people can learn from their experiences.

Sometimes these numbers come directly without all the calculations.

If you are new to the industry it’s a Wow to you.

But if you are genuinely working and experienced then you will always ask how is it done.

I will credit a few people because they are clear and transparent while sharing their success publically which makes the industry very much encouraging and a go-getter.

This is also a number game that comes with “Wow” and later changes to “How”.

The number can fascinate anyone

When big publications come with news like 50 million earned in 1 year via any random person then you suddenly start doing research about it. This shows curiosity for numbers in our life.

If they say someone is successful today, you won’t give a damn about it.

Maybe, later on, you reach a conclusion but for that moment you’ll start thinking about that person and the purpose of that PR link is solved. You are curious to know the fact now.

Let’s Conclude

Numbers are good if presented well with reality in mind but numbers can spark negativity if data is presented in a misleading way.

This can do more harm than you can imagine!

Data is a matter of investigation if it is publicly represented then you have to be ready for investigation. If you are ready then you are going to rock because data win the trust.

So next time you play with the data, play safely!




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