How to build trustworthy and high quality backlinks for your website

high quality backlinks

Backlinks are vital links to your site that provide quality signals to search engines to determine your ranking on search results web pages (SERPs). Search engines view these inbound or incoming links as an endorsement of trust, coming through other high quality websites.

If you’ve built backlinks to domains with high authority in your field, they send a clear signal to Google about the quality of your site relevancy which helps to increase your SEO performance. Search engines consider your site reliable and trustworthy when numerous websites link to your site through inbound links, increasing the SERP rank exponentially.
The best way to get high quality backlinks depends on the caliber of content you write. If your article is helpful and provides valuable information, people will naturally connect to it.

Google has become very careful regarding the quality and kind of backlinks you get in the past from high quality backlinks sites.
At first, Google considered the number of backlinks and the anchor text as the primary factors for ranking rather than the quality of the link. However, with this update, known as the Penguin Algorithm Update, there is a significant shift in how Google evaluates link quality.
Backlinks now are considered to be link juice only if they comply with the quality criteria established by Google and of which relevance and domain authority count among essential elements.

If you decide to buy backlinks, you must be extremely cautious about quality.
Here are some ways to follow for the best backlink-building strategy In 2022.

7 Easy Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks

Replicate Competitors’ Best Backlinks

competitors backlinks

Backlink-building activities should start with an analysis of competitors’ websites.
It is easy to get backlinks from your competitors with SEO tools, such as Ahrefs backlink checker and SEMRush, which are high quality backlinks checkers.

Begin by selecting the five most popular competitors above you to target your keywords.
Examine their backlink profile and take the steps necessary to duplicate the same or match it with their link standards.
It is important to stay clear of the dangerous links when replicating them. It is best to select those links based on relevance and authority (whichever authority measurement you choose to choose from (e.g. DA, DR, or AS), which means that all your high quality backlinks are secure.

Consider figuring out the way your competitors gained these backlinks. If they came from the guest blog, send a letter and email to the site owner to contribute. If it was reviews of products or services from a blogger, reach out to them to inquire about an identical barter offer.
If you see someone on social media mentioning your competition, look for the context they mentioned. If the reason is to answer questions related to your field, you could take advantage of an opportunity similar to this in the future to gain mentions for your business.

Create Backlinks by using Infographics

Infographics are definitely among the most effective and captivating forms of content. Infographics allow you to combine text and images to present a complex idea quickly.

Many high quality backlink sites prefer infographics to complement written content because they make the subject easy to grasp.
You can look at the current topics within your industry and design appropriate infographics that you can use to reach out to sites with high authority and ask them to incorporate these in their articles in exchange for the possibility of high quality backlinks.

Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another effective method of building natural and high quality links. By publishing your quality content on different platforms, you can gain more exposure.

Producing high quality content for multiple authoritative websites within your field can help you establish yourself as an authority. In addition, you can boost the rank of your SERP website too.

Google allows guest blogs from contributors to their blog posts; However, the emphasis is on the content and not on links. This is the method you can duplicate.

The process of finding guest posts online is also relatively easy, and there are plenty of sites that are willing to accept guest posts of high quality. All you need to do is look for these on Google.
You can use Google Search Operators to make the search easier, such as:
[your_topic] “write for us”
[your_topic] “become an author”
[your_topic] “guest post”
[your_topic] “guest article”
[your_topic] inurl:contribute

Comment on High-Quality Blogs

Blog comments allow you to express your opinion on a subject and also include your website’s ink along with that. To gain high quality backlinks by commenting on blogs, you need to look for blogs related to your area of expertise. This is a fantastic method to increase traffic and promote your brand to a broader audience.

When you post comments on niche blogs, your link is made visible to all users who read the blog’s post. They may be enthralled by your quality blog posts and want to know more about your company. This is unlikely to happen if you begin to comment on blogs that do not relate to your field.

If you are looking to increase traffic to your website via your blog comments, make sure you spend the time to look over the blog’s content and then formulate an extensive comment on it. If you make a general comment, it could get lost in the ocean of comments.
Before you begin using this best backlink strategy 2022, Be aware that commenting on blogs isn’t as efficient as other techniques. They are typically not follow-through links, making search engines appreciate them less.
Google recently launched the rel attribute in the last few days. UGC and some sites use this attribute to create links in the comments section. This could increase the number of people referring to domains; however, the benefits it provides may not help make your site stand out from the crowd in search.

Outreach and Promote Your Best Content Everywhere

You can share your content on the web. Make use of the effectiveness of social marketing through media and content to create follow backlinks.
Contacting bloggers, business owners and influencers as part of outreach can increase your visibility online and also gain hyperlinks to them.
If you don’t receive backlinks from every person you approach, You can request to be mentioned. This is particularly beneficial for new businesses and has little reach and visibility.
Engaging with influencers/bloggers who are famous or business owners who request the mention of your brand can result in your business or brand getting noticed by a lot of.

Broken Link Building

Broken link construction involves identifying broken links on highly reputable websites, creating similar content, then approaching them to replace the link with your content.

A method for building links that can be scaled typically works since broken links result in an unsatisfactory user experience, and no site owner would ever want that.

Utilizing Wayback Machine, you can identify which web pages were linked in the past. Create a copy of the same content, but with more details. Try to make it as link-worthy as possible. Make sure that your content has been released before contacting the website owner to fix the broken link.
Link-building, a broken technique, can benefit both parties since you can help the webmaster fix the 404 errors on their website and receive a backlink to your website through them.

Respond to Questions on Quora


Quora is a well known questions-answer platform. With over 200 million users on the platform every month, you’ll have the chance to get the attention of others by answering in-depth questions posted on the site.

Your responses must be well-organized, factually accurate and engaging enough to grab viewers’ attention throughout the content. If your answer is different from others and you get more likes, that will propel your response to the top of the list and increase the visibility of your post.

If you begin answering questions related to your area of expertise often, people will start paying attention to them, earning your image on the platform. This can result in gaining backlinks to your website.
It is essential to take advantage of this opportunity to embed your website’s information within your Quora answers for people to click them to learn more. If these links are helpful, they will be redirected to your website for more information.


Developing quality backlinks may take some time, but it’s well worth your time with these easy link-building techniques mentioned above and gradually increasing the credibility of your domain. These were some great ways to get free high quality backlinks
With a higher authority for your domain, it is possible to naturally get the highest SERP rank in Google or other major search engines, thus increasing organic traffic and conversions.

When you’re building backlinks, Your focus should not be on the number of backlinks you’re able to create, but on how good the backlinks you get.

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