A Practical Guide On How To Become A Content Writer In 2022

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How to become a content writer in 2022?

A practical guide to pursuing a content writing career and becoming a better writer

Writing is a blessing from the above. It has always been rich in culture and emotions. In India only we have witnessed legendary writers like ‘Kabir Das’, Premchandra, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Mahadevi Verma, Harivansh Ray Bachchan, and many more. However, our society still has doubtful eyes toward a writing career. If you ask a parent, what would he/she like if their child choose to become a writer, most of them will answer in complete denial. They believe that you really can’t earn living from it. Writing is still trying to emerge from the shadows.

A previous couple of years were extraordinary for successful content writers. Young people are displaying their hobbies in poetry and story-telling. Not only traditional ways of creative writing but a lot of other writing careers like content writing and copywriting have emerged. People are getting jobs and making stable careers out of it. There are some who earn millions per month through their writing content.

So, if you are a writer and want to make a career out of it, how can you do it? How to become a content writer? Is there a specific academic course for this? What does a content writing career demand from you? And what really a content writing career is?


A brief description of Career in Content Writing :

To become a content writer and build a career in content writing you need to write about some stuff. You can choose any niche you want to write about. It can be travel blogs, tech reviews, cities, events, news, science, mystery, etc. While writing your motive should be to entertain, educate, motivate, inspire or convince people.

Content writing for beginners may be a challenging task but with experience, a career in content writing could be made.

Remember that you don’t need any degree in language to write. You are not targeting the bestselling awards rather your motive is to entertain people and solve their queries through your piece of work. All you need is deep knowledge about the niche and simple elegant use of language that the majority can understand.

Content writing has become a profound writing career at this time. There are thousands of people out there who write for others’ websites as a freelancer, doing jobs in companies, or handling their own websites as blog writers.

What can you get from this career? Let’s first talk about money. On average, a fresher content writer may earn from 15000 to 30000 rs in a job in India, and based on experience it increases. Whereas you can earn more than lakh rupees from content writing if you start your work.

But here is the catch. Don’t think content writing is just a way to land on a job or a startup. This career does not only deal with money. Here you can create more than that. Content writing can give you fame. You give people quality knowledge about a particular niche. You are solving their problems. They will read your blogs and follow you for more solutions. This only can build up trust in people’s hearts. Having true loyal followers is not a joke. It’s the key to brand building.

Content writing

How to start your career as a content writer?

You don’t need to have a specific degree to become a content writer. Anyone with an interest in writing can become a content writer. What you need to do is to fully dive in and be consistent in your projects. Here are some tips that can help you in your journey.

  1. Select your niche:

Before jumping into a content writing career select a niche for yourself. It is not good for you to write about each thing. You don’t have expertise in everything. Hence you must choose stuff that you are confident in and have an interest in that.

Selecting a niche will help you to create a brand. When you focus on one thing, it creates an automatic trust factor among your audience.

As Bruce Lee once said,” I don’t fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

  1. Build a portfolio:

This is the most crucial stage of a content writer. Once you have decided to go full in, you need to work for yourself. Here you have to serve without any demand. You will not get any monetary return or at least don’t expect to get it.

As a new content writer, nobody is going to give you projects. You must have to earn the trust for yourself. The only way is to write for people and add those writings to your portfolio. You can come up with some of your best blogs, an e-book, or a case study.

  1. Start freelancing with near ones:

Believe it. It is difficult to get your first job from any freelance platform. This is 2022. Today thousands of people are on those platforms. Those people are experienced and highly qualified for their work.

How can you survive in those places? No one knows you so no one is going to choose you as their first option. You may also get disappointed by this and leave the freelancing world.

There is an alternative way of getting it right. Find people who run a website around you. You can easily find it if you are in an urban area. Show them your talent and your previous works and ask them for a fair deal.

This will help you to easily earn money from blogs. In addition, you will get a real-life client to add credibility to your portfolio.

  1. Start freelancing with freelance platforms:

Now when you have written some great blogs and created a portfolio, it’s time to jump into freelancing platforms. Freelancing platforms have covered a huge world market. Currently, it is contributing $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy. These are world-famous freelancing websites you can go with:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Writing creek
  4. Writer bey
  5. Boddunan

Remember that the freelancing journey is not going to be easy. You may have to wait for months before getting your work. But it will be worth waiting.

  1. Build up your own authority:

Your authority is the main key factor for getting orders. What authority do you have to ask for something from the market? Authority creates trust among people.

An easy way to get it is by writing a blog. A well-written blog can be a great tool for your pitch. It shows your abilities and your writing style to the recruiter.

  1. Create a pitch:

A pitch is the very first impression of yours. In this fast-paced world, no one wants to waste time. Writing a complicated and confusing pitch will surely ruin your first impression. Don’t tell the full story. Stick to the points. Here is a list that you can follow to write a good pitch.

  • Write an on-point subject line.
  • Include the recipient’s name.
  • Write the reference where you got the opportunity
  • How you fit for their work
  • Reference to your previous works or portfolio.
  • Link to your other platform accounts
  • Put an email signature.
  1. Join Facebook groups and communities:

There are plenty of opportunities out there if only you have the capability to grab those. Social media is the best place to connect and get work. Facebook has many corporations and groups for content material writing. In these groups, people post requirements. You can give your pitch there to get freelance work.

  1. Consider content writing courses:

There is not a single academic course for content writing but there are many courses that teach you about this career. You must know that content writing is not just writing. You need to know the technical analysis of content writing. It includes keywords, formatting, design, speed, backlinks, and much more.

You need to learn all these factors of content writing. A good content writing course would help you in learning and applying those in real-time.

  1. Apply for a job:

Working for yourself and having a job in hand is always good for your initial career. Believe it or not; Job gives your career stability. Always keep an eye for vacancies in job portals. However, it is not easy to get a full-time job as a content writer. But you can get it. Apply for internships or freelance work. There are plenty of digital marketing companies that require content writers so believe that you can get a full-time job.


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