Why to choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Career in Digital Marketing
Every human has a potential and a creative side to them. It’s very necessary to search out what you’re smart at, become even higher at it and contribute back to the globe. As a result of in my expertise, I actually have detected that true happiness doesn’t go together with consumption but through an expression of your creative abilities. If you are reading this article then there is a high possibility that you are interested in digital marketing.
So What’s Digital Marketing?
As consumers spend more time using the internet and less time with other channels – advertisers also are forced to follow this trend. The promotion has to be compelled to be there wherever the eyeballs are. At the high level, The promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media is known as a digital marketing.For example, advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made through Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic devices, as well as via digital and television and radio channels.

Career Options in Digital Marketing & Their Roles
Digital marketing has proven itself to be are faster and versatile in the real world, resulting in rapid growth. Digital marketing is a massive field and the career opportunities are abundant within its diverse segments.
Some of the emerging segments within digital marketing with promising career options are as follows:
• Mobile Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Writing
• Email Marketing
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Digital Analytics
• Web Analytics

Marketing-related Job Titles& Their Job Responsibilities
As the industry diversifies, so do the job titles. More often a single job title might require numerous digital marketing skills. The image below shows the common job title shared across various skills. One might expect specialist roles to appear here, but there is a high occurrence of generalist positions, such as Digital Marketing Manager and Marketing strategies
Here are some of the strategies.da brief description of what the role entitles:
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital marketing managers are in charge of developing online marketing strategies.They develop plans containing SEO, online advertising, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and much more.
Social Media Manager
Social media managers are responsible for developing strategies for a brand’s presence on social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Their core responsibilities is to develop marketing campaigns, interact with customers, analyze results, and fine-tune their strategy.
Marketing Analysts
Digital marketing analysts utilize analytics tools to track the accomplishments of all the digital marketing efforts. They also conduct market research and partake in data-driven digital strategy development.
Content Managers
A content manager manages the content on a company’s online channels, like websites, blogs, YouTube, etc. Their responsibilities included managing teams which comprise writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and video editors and develop strategies to amplify their organization’s content.
Social Media Manager
Social media managers are responsible for smoothening out social media tasks like managing social media pages, profiles, and sites. They also write company statements and respond to questions, concerns, and inquiries.
SEO Specialist
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists help to develop and/or implement an SEO strategy for their organization. Their job is to ensure that their company appears early in the search results for relevant keywords. They need to join forces with other professionals within their company related to the design and content of their company’s website to ensure SEO strategies are used effectively.

Salaries for Digital Marketing Professionals

As you can see, there are lot of ways to start a career in digital marketing. As with any field, determination and passion are very important to help you land the first opportunity. Everything is getting digitized, so why should marketing be an exception? Digital marketing is a huge field with a diversity of career opportunities. It is not only the future; it’s a demand of today. Therefore, getting into Digital Marketing is a very lucrative career options today. Whether you are passionate about mobile marketing, SEO, social media, content marketing, or analytics– there’s a good chance there’s a digital marketing career that’s a good fit for you.

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