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What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique to increase the quality and quantity of traffic that a website receives by the means of organic search engine results. Quality of traffic is the right people visiting the website and organic search results are those which are unpaid. We can also say that SEO is a type of marketing technique where a specific website is optimized in such a way that the search engine decides to show it to the potential viewers in their search results. SEO is implemented by using various techniques such as modifying the structure of the website, using appropriate keywords. In today’s world of digital technology and the internet, there are so many websites SEO proves to be very helpful when we want to bring the right people at our digital doorstep. SEO could be a great part of anyone’s career in the digital age.

What is a Domain?

What is internal linking?

The term Domain name refers to the name given to a website. Every website has a logical address called an IP address which denotes the location of the website which is very complex to remember by the human brain, therefore, a name is given to the website which replaces these IP addresses with a name that can be remembered easily by the users. 

We can also say that a domain name is used to identify one or more IP addresses linked to a website over the internet. Now we are very familiar with many domain names of various websites that we visit in our day to day lives, some of the common domain names are,, etc. Here, the “.com” is a domain extension and is used to categorize the domain names. Domain names are also used to refer to specific webpages of a website over the internet.

Internal linking is something that connects one web page to a different web page but on the same website. It is a link that is present within the same page but by opening that link a new page is opened. It is a link which is the connection between so many web pages.  There are so many advantages of these internal links that are highlighted below:-

  1. It helps in boosting up the page views – If the content provided on your website through internal linking is good relevant than automatically more users would read the further articles. By this, there will be a rise in your site conversion. The page views will also boost up.
  2. It can help in increasing time and lowering the bounce rate:- Bounce rate means when someone leaves a website after viewing only a single page. This rate can also be lowered with effective internal linking.

How does a search engine work?

The working of a search engine can be categorized into three different stages that are Crawling, indexing and retrieval. Let just understand them deeply.

Crawling-  It is performed by software robots called web crawlers. Each search engine has its own web crawler for the stage. In this stage, the web crawler visits websites read them and follow the links connecting to other web pages. after doing so the web crawler copy that page and adds it’s URL to the index.

Indexing-. It is about building the index after the crawling process. The indexing is something that shows the relevant list. It is made upon the basis of the type and quality of data or information provided by the search engine user.

Retrieval – It is the last stage in which the search engine responds to the search queries. It provides a list of websites with the relevant answer in a particular or order. It shows the best result at the top and so on.

What is the worldwide web?

The network of online content that is available in HTML and accessed through HTTP is called the world wide web. It was designed by Tim Berners Lee. It is one of the most important parts of the internet which contains all the information like pictures, videos, and other online information. The web allows its users to access information without any hassle and saves time and effort of the users by providing them with the relevant information in the least possible time possible. The worldwide web gained recognition with the creation of web browsers that utilized them, the first one being The mosaic. After that several web browsers became interested in supporting Internet applications and joined hands with the web. In recent times, mobile applications have become extremely famous and computer-like and even more advanced for internet access. Web usage on smartphones has also increased in recent times.

Why are search engines so important?

How would you explain SEO to a beginner?

People of the modern generation are exposed to numerous pieces of information every single day. With the growing technology, people have equaled the amount of information that a person living 100 years ago would have gained in a year. We get information everyday in forms of newspapers, websites, text messages, and the list goes on. Moreover, with this much information that a person gets everyday, it is impossible to remember all the dates and events and interestingly, we get the help of technology to remember the information and retrieve it whenever needed. Search engines like Google are always at human fingertips. A search engine filters the necessary information and provides it to the users in the quickest and efficient way. It eliminates unnecessary data on the internet and saves the time of the users too. Therefore, we can say that a search engine is important for bringing forth the relevant  information to its users which in turn saves the effort and time of the users and makes it so important and useful in the lives of human beings.

Search engine optimization, these days has become very important and it is has become anecessity for every Webster to comprehend the real meaning of SEO as well as how ithelps in a booming business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a tactic to raise thecontent and quality of traffic to your site with the help of some organic search results.

In the competitive market, SEO is of utmost importance than ever before. Search engineshelp the plethora of users every single day seeking answers to their queries. If you possessa website, personal blog or any online store. SEO can surely help your business bloom andcomplete its marketing motives.Furthermore, the studies are proof of the fact that SEO can have a relatively better ROIthan not just the usual ways of marketing like TV and print advertisements but also betterthan Search and Display advertisements.

SEO will help you to stay ahead in the competition. Consider, two websites sellingidentical products but the one which has a search engine optimized website willsurely have an upper hand in terms of sales and buyers.Search engines hold an image of trustworthy source among the users and having aplace in top results for what the user is searching would make the users trust thatwebsite. Don’t make a mistake thinking that SEO is only about search engines. Good SEOtactics improve the experience of users and the usage of the website. Traffic coming from the organic search is kind of free. But to attain that visibilitywill take its time and would require efforts (money), but a click or impression is notdirectly charged. Organic search engine hence presents an enhanced ROI over variousforms of paid media and surely an improvement over PPC.In this exponentially changing world, SEO tactics can change-and the worst aspect is, thatyou may never know about it. Techniques that could have won you a first-page result mayeven take a toll on your site’s ranking. Specifically, when those techniques cause your sitea penalty from Google it is hard to revoke that. Therefore you must stay on top of the game in SEO and know what is beneficiary for you keep your distance from bad SEO. If you fail to do so then you will see your competitors overtake you in a jiffy.

What is a SERP?

What is the keyword?

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) are the pages shown when a person searches for a query on search engines like Google. The searcher enters their search question to which the search engine presents them with a SERP. The searcher often uses particular terms and expressions called keywords. Every SERP is different and unique even for queries that have already been searched for and looked at using the same keywords due to search engines customizing the experience for their users based on their location, browsing history and social settings. These pages may look identical and feature several of the same results, but often contain minute and subtle differences. SERPs commonly include two kinds of content i.e. organic results and paid results. Organic results are web pages that turn up due to the search engine’s algorithm. On the other hand, paid results are those that have been paid by an advertiser to appear on a search engine.

It is basically a search term that is associated with a certain page. So when people search for a particular keyword or phrase on Google or any other such search engines, the pages that have that term pop up in the search results of the user. Keywords are one of the vital elements of SEO. One example to explain keyword in SEO is suppose a person has a website about pianos. There that person not only blogs, and writes reviews about different kinds of a piano but also sells them. Applying keywords in SEO can help one’s site rank above their competitors. Thus, that person needs to put in the right kind of keywords so as to make the customer land on his page. Hence, generating a list of keywords is one of the first and most significant steps in any search engine optimization initiative

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