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With the rise of the internet at a very sharp pace, complemented with the growth of social media and online user base, established businesses started building websites and applications to explore the millions of users available everyday internet. Reviews on these sites started affecting their market growth. Online Reputation Management course involves all activities and practices used in managing the reputation or goodwill of an individual, group or company online.

Although Online reputation management started as a part of Digital Marketing only still it has carved out a niche in a completely different field. Now every organization is looking to build a positive impression on users with reviews, testimonials, and videos offering information about their products & services.

PIMS Online Reputation Management Course is designed to help young learners, working professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen in understanding business values, user engagement, review management and overall managing reputation in the market.

PIMS ORM course in Noida is full of interactive learning and a systematic approach for giving students the right direction for their sophisticated course. PIMS will also help you in personality development, interviews, written materials, industrial know-how and make a sophisticated career by following a hierarchical path.

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Course Overview



With this module, students will be given a thorough introduction to Online Reputation Management and current industry standards.

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What is Online Reputation Management?

  • Scope of ORM
  • How ORM Affects businesses?
  • Prevailing Standards in the Industry!

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Need for ORM Course

In this module, instructors will define the need for ORM for top brands around the world and regular practices being followed.

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Reviews, feedback and their effect

  • Testimonials pros and cons
  • Video reviews and testimonials
  • Corporate Reputation

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Tools for ORM

This module defines the various method, techniques, and tools used in the ORM course for keeping business reputation high in the online market.

Understanding tools

  • How to effectively use for Your business benefits?
  • Guidelines and benefits of ORM tools
  • Optimizing sites based on ORM tools

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    Crisis Management

    In this module, we will go through the branding process and crisis management process used by online businesses in reaching users.

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    What is Crisis Management?

  • Methods and procedures
  • Restarting the promotions
  • Best practices for ORM

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    ORM Case Studies

    In this module, we will go through ORM study cases to help you understand the complete process and use it efficiently for enhancing business opportunities.

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    Industry based case studies

    • How Re-building process works?
    • Changes, Rules, and procedures for ORM
    • Keeping up with the latest changes

    Benefits of ORM course for Students

    Here are the important benefits of the ORM Course for students to get by learning at PIMS.

    • Understand everything about online Reputation Management
    • Phase by phase learning curve for each module
    • Handle Day to day activities in the ORM process
    • Help Businesses overcome online issues, crisis, and disaster
    • Understand the user engagement process
    • Managing negative reactions from users
    • Strategies for re-building the online brand
    • The course complements perfectly your SEO and Digital Marketing learning curve
    • Gain insights on dealing with market competition and long term business sustenance
    • Apply for top ORM jobs in the market with confidence
    • Build a career in the ORM field with a systematic approach

    Why PIMS Noida for ORM Course?

    PIMS has remarkably developed into one of the top institutes for Digital Marketing learning in Noida and NCR. Our trainers have gained a high reputation in the market for their effective

    • One of the top dedicated institute for Digital Marketing Studies and ORM cerification learning curve
    • Best industry experts to guide you on various ORM prevailing standards
    • Follow international curriculum to give students comprehensive preparation
    • Live projects guidance and hands-on training
    • Online user engagement and handling for top brands
    • Building strategies, planning, and execution for ORM policies
    • Full project evaluation, tracking and analyzing the performance
    • Complements your Digital Marketing learning
    • Offers placements and interview assistance with mock questioning, job opportunities & more

    Placement and Assistance

    At PIMS we focus on result-oriented approach and practical learning for ORM course in Noida. We understand that ORM is an important part of Digital marketing and has a promising future ahead. Many businesses, organizations, MNC, and corporates are connected with PIMS that conducts interviews and placement for various positions in their hierarchy. We also help students with interview preparations. If you intrested in learning the Whole Concepts of Digital Marketing then you may also checkout our Complete Digital Marekting Course.

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    FAQ's For ORM Course

    What Does Online reputation mean?

    What is Online Reputation Management in Digital marketing?

    Why is Online Reputation Management important?

    With millions of users online on a daily basis, companies are using online reputation as a tool for their marketing strategies. As web users provide reviews and feedback based on their effective use of the products or services of the company.

    All the methods and practices to manage the online reputation of businesses, dealing with negative reviews and keep positive marketing in the right direction is termed as online reputation marketing.

    . With millions of users online, some of them are bound to dissatisfy with your services or products. Handling these users and offering them the right guidance with positive techniques are covered under the Online Reputation Management. Brand must

    Are there scope and opportunities for Online Reputation Management?

    Is the ORM part of Digital Marketing?

    How Online Reputation Management helps Businesses?

    . With the Digital Marketing industry peaking at a higher rate, the scope for online Reputation Management will further increase in the next decade as one of the most job-creating niches within.

    Yes, ORM or Online Reputation Management is part of Digital marketing only. With rising competition online the need for maintaining goodwill and reputation of companies has increased. Businesses are taking ORM services to explore new markets to grow in their specific niche.

    . Online reputation will stay forever online. Businesses try to gain user attention, ORM provides them the right strategies to follow and grow by enhancing market reputation in competition from various market vendors.

    Do you offer placements and assistance for this ORM course?

    What are the key features and objectives of this ORM course at PIMS Noida?

    What Can I expect after completing this ORM course from PIMS Noida?

    Yes at PIMS Noida, we are connected with some of the best companies in the NCR area to help students with placements, interviews, and training for ORM jobs.

    At PIMS we strive hard to offer you the best learning curve for the ORM course in Noida. Here are the key features and objectives.

    • ORM and its Process
    • ORM for Businesses
    • User Engagement for positive and Negative reviews
    • Tools for ORM
    • Scope and future of ORM

    After completing this course learners will have a complete understanding of the ORM, scope, best practices, case studies and ready to join the industry to make a professional career for their specific niche.

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