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Introduction to What Is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing started in the early years of the last decade only but has now become one of the main marketing strategies for businesses around the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter have millions of users every second opening a huge market for businesses to gain into. PIMS‘s Social Media marketing course is an excellent opportunity for youngsters to gain knowledge and build their career in this field.

Most of these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc offer both free and paid marketing. In this Social Media Marketing Course, we are going to cover both of these important topics. Although young millennia is used to its daily posting and functioning still professionally there are thousand of configurations used for targeting a specific audience for businesses. 

This course is ideally suited to digital market enthusiasts, amateur and freshly graduates to help them understand the Social media concepts, trends and ways to enhance businesses promotion online. We help students in their interview preparations, mock learning, and placements to provide them with the right platform, to begin with. 

PIMS Noida has been a symbol of excellence for transforming the young generation into future professionals. Our Courses have been designed with the latest industry know-how, uses updated theories, and provide a thorough learning curve for youngsters to become an expert in Social Media

What PIMS covers in Social Media Marketing Course

What is Social Media ?

In the first module, we will have a general introduction about Social Media, its presence in the market, current trends and how businesses are using social media to gain online reputation

  • Growth of the Social Media
  • Features and Benefits of Social Media
  • How Businesses are using Social Media?
  • Social media, trends, latest topics and updates

  • Facebook Marketing

    In this module we will study about Facebook, building company pages, writing engaging posts, user attentions, and building paid marketing campaign to attract website traffic, gain business leads and enhance online reputation.

  • Understand the Facebook platform
  • Different type of Ads
  • Writing engaging posts for enticing users
  • Building Ads & Running Paid Campaign
  • Effective Business niche strategies

  • Twitter Marketing

    This module deals with learning the Twitter platform, building profiles, writing tweets, increasing followers, and promoting businesses with paid marketing.

  • Profile making
  • Writing Tweets
  • Increasing followers and higher post reach
  • Types of Twitter Ads
  • Building business based Strategies

  • Instagram Marketing

    This module deals with all the configurations, settings, techniques and methods required to promote businesses on Instagram marketing strategy.

  • Understanding the platform
  • Posting, followers and trends
  • Types of Ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SnapChat Marketing

    In this module, we will learn about different ways to use Snapchat in promoting a business effectively. Building paid marketing campaign and generate leads.

  • How SnapChat works?
  • Regular posting
  • Enhancing online presence
  • Types of Ads
  • Building marketing strategies

  • LinkedIn Marketing

    Know all about the measures, posting, profiles, sharing content and more about LinkedIn. Learn to build ad, campaign and promote profiles on this social media platform.

  • Individual and Business profile making
  • Posts and Content publishing
  • Different Types of Ads
  • Marketing Strategies

  • Pinterest Marketing

    Get to know this highly popular image-based social media platform known to entice user for its unique and fresher perspective on designs.

  • Individual and Business Profiles
  • Posting and promotion
  • Different Type of Ads
  • Marketing strategies

  • Video Marketing

    Learn all about video marketing, its use, the effect on young millennia, and transforming them into a viral video for diverting traffic.

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • Trends and Popularity
  • How to Make Viral Videos?
  • Video-based ad campaign
  • How to build eye-catching videos?

  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing From PIMS

    Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the most entertaining concepts in the 21st century. Young millennia like these sites a lot, connect with friends forever and enjoy a healthy social life. Professionally it has a large number of scope and opportunities that one can use to build a career. Some of the main benefits that come with PIMS Social media course in Noida:

    • Students understand the current market trends for Social Media 
    • Students know the efficient use and optimize Social media to gain user attention
    • Able to generate traffic towards online websites
    • Help businesses explore new market and people in their regions
    • Built new businesses from scratch 
    • Track performance of Social Media platforms and provide suggestions
    • Able to analyse paid campaigns and generate revenue with higher ROI for businesses
    • Work on improvising online presence by regular posting and sharing 
    • Students use Social media sites to gain an advantage in SEO ranking
    • Sell more E-Commerce products and business services using smart campaigns
    • Know all about the marketing techniques, methods and ways to target a specific audience
    • Generate sufficient business leads and clients using free & paid marketing techniques
    • Use of Free Social Media Marketing Tools worth Rs 30,000+
    • Paid Social Media Marketing Internship after completion of course

    SMM Course Fee and Duration

    Social Media  course in Noida has a duration of 1.5 months with 60 hours of live training. Our classes are available for weekdays and weekends along with night batches to accommodate flexible working hours for working individuals.

    We charge affordable fees for this SMM course in Noida. There are hidden costs and with this all-inclusive package, you get a lot of free material to study, industry reports, online tools, and more to complement your Social media marketing course


    Why Join PIMS's Social Media Course In Noida?

    Here are the top 10 things that make this PIMS Noida the best Institution for social media marketing course.

    • A Comprehensive Course to help you build a career with proficient measures
    • Top-Notch learning centre for Digital marketing in Noida with a remarkable record
    • Instructors with Social Media expertise with more than 15+ years of experience 
    • Practical learning approach 
    • Result-oriented solutions with more focus on audience targeting
    • Training under top Social Media experts 
    • Full equipped smart classrooms with projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity and devices
    • Nationally and internationally recognised certification to help you apply for top MNC jobs around the world
    • Gain prominence as a Social Media marketer to realise your potential to earn at the highest level.
    • Free Demo sessions at weekends with newer topics, research and study to explore Social Media industry.
    • Short batch groups for better learning atmosphere and focus
    • Comprehensive career counselling and placements opportunities

    Placement and Assistance

    Social Media is a thriving industry with continuously evolving in parallel online business growth. PIMS instructors will also help you with interview preparations, effective material, mock preparation, live training and morale-boosting guidance to kick start your career from Social media marketing Internships and Jobs. 

    Social Media Marketing has several scope and careers from an Intern to a Social media manager. There are numerous opportunities for social media trainees, executives and managers that one can excel to earn a top salary in their expertise. Dedicated positions for experts on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat further enhances opportunities for youngsters to make their living with.

    With PIMS SMM course you are assured of placement among the best companies in NCR. Our excellent standards and the learning curve will put you on the right path for success. We also have our agency where students are often given opportunities for excelling in their careers.

    FAQ's For SMM Course

    First, you need to understand the basic Social Media platform, their efficient use and learn the techniques for the paid marketing to target a specific audience for businesses. Or You can join the short SMM course in  Noida to have certification and be on the path to becoming a social media marketer.

    With a short Course in Social media Marketing, you can start proficiently by acquiring skills, building a complete profile, increasing your likes and followers, run paid campaigns and enhance online reputation to acquire more sales for businesses.

    Currently, there are no specific requirements for individuals to hold any degree in this course. Still when you apply for top corporate level jobs then Degree holders are preferred. Still, even without any professional degree you can start a career in Social Media marketing and make a lifetime earning with its huge potential.

    With Social Media marketing growing in parallel with Digital marketing, there are many opportunities available in the market for this field. You can start as trainee or executives, then with experience, you can become executive, assistant manager, Manager and lead teams to work with global businesses to build effective market strategies.

    Social media is one of the most attention-grabbing industry with people of all ages using these sites to have their online presence. As a young leaner one needs sophisticated guidance for building a career. This short SMM course at PIMS Noida will help you gradually to begin your path as a trainee or executive in this field. By acquiring skills and with experience, you can be at the highest potential in future.

    PIMS Social Media Marketing Course is built of interactive learning, practical teaching, set up campaigns and offer you thorough industry insights to transform your skills for expertise as Social Media marketers.

    Yes, Social media marketing course is quite easy still it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and constant learning attitude to make a successful career in Social Media marketing.

    As of now, there are no eligibility requirements for individuals for making a sophisticated career in Social Media Marketing. In our institute PIMS Noida, most of the students are fresher from college graduation, 12th passed out, working professionals and business owners who want to learn all about Social Media Marketing.

    To become a successful Social Media Marketer you need a lot of skills and experience in this field. As many social platforms drive traffic for websites and mobile apps. You need to be aware of the traditional methods, more latest technologies and be creative in finding ways to explore the newer markets for sustaining top level in your niche.

    Here are the main goals and objectives of the Social Media Marketing Course at PIMS Noida.

    • Learn the basics of Social Media platform
    • Building profile, regular posting, writing eye-catching content, and increase followers
    • Sharing content in groups and directing traffic to platforms
    • Run paid campaign to target a specific audience
    • Generate business leads to make online businesses profitable 
    • Analyse traffic, build marketing strategies and execute them successfully

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