Online Advertising

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Online Advertising

Major contents of the module of online ads will include

• Introduction to banners, contextual ads and rich media.
• Tools to manage pop up & pop under advertising.
• Contextual advertising using images and videos.
• Tracking and measuring ROI of online advertising.

Introduction to banners, contextual ads and rich media

The module starts with an introduction to basic online advertisement techniques named as banners, rich media and contextual ads. Firstly, banners or standard banners are simple banners of flash, jpeg and gif. They do not have any technology while incorporating only texts and visuals in the form of graphics and logos. After this, contextual ads under online advertising target as relevant to contents of any web page. Last in between online ads, is the rich media contains video and audio inside it. In addition, one can synchronize Rich Media with varying advanced technologies as DHTML, JAVA and others.

Tools to manage pop up & pop under advertising

Individuals should essentially know about necessary tools to deal with both pops up and pop under online advertising to use both of these techniques in a positive manner. Pop-ups are mostly new online browser windows, which usually display varying advertisements. This type of window contains ads generated usually via JavaScript utilizing cross-site scripts, along with secondary payload via Adobe Flash. In contrast, pop-under is responsible for the opening of new web browser window hidden inside any active window. These windows do not interrupt immediately with users and mostly remain invisible until people keep covering the window in a closed condition https://o..-oesterreich/.

Contextual advertising using images and videos

Contextual matching online advertising towards any website’s video and image inventory is obviously a complex issue to resolve. For this, you have to avail of experts’ guidelines to detect and classify algorithms and thereby require understanding the way, by which people involve in multimedia activities.

Tracking and measuring ROI of online advertising

Whether you prefer to use Google AdWords for leads generation, increasing sales and driving of other valuable customer-related activities, you have to go for a good idea as the measurement of ROI. ROI i.e. Return on Investment in case of online ads help individuals to evaluate the money they spend on AdWords ads to achieve huge profits for the business.