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Lead Generation for Companies

Lead generation refers to the generation of consumer inquiry or interest to different types of products and services offered by any business. Marketers choose the option of lead generation for companies to fulfil different purposes, like an acquisition of e-newsletter list, building of online lists and for sales leads.

• Definition of an online sales lead.
• Cold, warm and hot leads.
• Landing pages and lead conversion.
• Conducting A-B split testing.
• Converting leads into sales through Internet marketing.

Definition of an online sales lead

An online sales lead is the identification of a data or of any individual or an entity that has authority, interest and budget to acquire a product or any service.

Cold, warm and hot leads

After understanding the definition of online sales lead and role of lead generation for companies, you have to understand the difference between different types of calls or methods to generate leads, as cold leads, warm leads and hot leads.

1. Cold Calls or Leads

Cold calls or leads involve contacting any prospect or suspect who at present is not raising a hand or showing interest towards any online site.

2. Warm Calls

Warm calls take place in a situation when individuals fill out lead forms out over the website. Here, prospects will show some levels of interest in acquiring the offered product.

3. Hot Calls

Hot calls take place whenever inbound calls come in, while prospects want to buy the online product or the service.

Landing pages and lead conversion

Landing pages serve as the perfect location, where prospects land on your website. For this, you have to learn about optimization of various aspects related to landing page conversion. These include optimization of every element present in the land page, online sharing of land pages, closing the loop with the help of analytics tests and A/B split test.

Conducting A-B split testing

A/B test or A/B split test involves a comparison between two different versions of any web page to indicate the website that delivers better performance as compared to another one. Professionals involved in lead generation for companies can compare two different web pages by displaying two variants to their similar visitors.

Converting leads into sales through Internet marketing

Lastly, online marketers will be able to learn about online marketing funnel to convert leads into sales with the help of internet marketing.